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The B&B CARNIVAL contest #6 Funniest SOTD photo

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The title says it all the funniest/most unusual SOTD Photo. Post it in the daily SOTD thread and again here.

The only rule in this contest is you have to use the gear to get a good BBS shave with this setup.

This contest is being sponsored by Superlather and the prize is a fantastic collection of shave products including: Pitralon, Palmolive and Ingram.

Have fun and keep those cameras dry!


(And now the small print):

Due to shipping restrictions on alcohol-based products, if the winner of this contest resides outside of the CONUS, the vendor reserves the right to either exclude and/or replace the alcohol-based product with a non-alcohol based product of the vendors choosing.

As with all B&B Carnival Contests, if there is any belly-aching or complaining, you are disqualified. So remember, DON'T ! :001_smile
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Welcome gentlemen!
Today I thought I'd simulate a (non-impending) "what if I run out of shaving supplies" disaster.

Firstly, to get me in the mood, I am playing brass band music from the early 1920s on my stereo.

I am starting my shave with some colza food oil as a pre-shave oil. This was found in the refrigerator.

Thereby I am commencing to the lather face. After really heating up my face with a towel (before the oil), I found some nice-smelling hand soap which lathered up really bad. Anyway, I stuck to it, even though I had to stop my shaving and make some more under the proccess as it dried up, disappeared, or something.
(NOTE: I am lathering in a TBS Body Butter bowl my love forgot in a drawer)

Though I might run out of creams and such, I'll never run out of funny looking razor blades. Therefor today was the day of SUPER MAX.

During the shave I was supposed to use my frozen banana as a styptic pencil. This, however, was not needed. Therefore I rubbed my face with it after 5 passes, to close the pores.

As an aftershave today I chose something we had lying: An A/S for "intimacy shaving", called "unirens". This had a terrible smell of really strong alcohol and, believe it or not, wine gums. I almost puked, but hey, that's life.

And the product? While not a true BBS, this wasn't bad. Almost no stubbles left on my face :cool:
(But I'll never "run out of shaving supplies" again!)


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Yes I really did use this tonight, and while not BBS (full disclosure: I still do not get BBS regularly with the proper setup), It really was a serviceable shave:

Olive Oil Pre Shave
A 33 cent dish sponge from Dollar General
Proraso Shave Cream(lol)
Who needs a fancy scuttle to keep your lather warm when you have a :lol:FONDUE POT!:lol:
The pink deisposable my girlfriend uses to shave her legs. . .

& for that just stumbled out of the bar feeling, Jameson's Irish Whiskey Aftershave Splash!

The Butter Shave.

(Taken from an episode of Seinfeld.)

Prep: Apply liberal amounts of butter to soften the beard.
Shave Soap(?): Apply more butter for lubrication.
Razor: Half of an open comb old type ball end Gillette.
Blade: Feather (day 1)
Passes: WTG, XTG, XTG, touch up
Aftershave: What else? More butter!! :w00t:

Oh, and the cold butter stick as a styptic pencil.

I saw this on Seinfeld and was really curious about it. The shave went pretty smoothly, lubrication was usable, probably more hydrating than canned goop. The razor was tricky to handle and I actually dropped it at one point. One small weeper, but the cold butter stick styptic actually stopped it. Afterwards, I smelled like melted butter even after I wiped off the "aftershave."

Delicious. :tongue_sm


Edit: As a reference, here's a clip.
Oh Moses, smell the roses...

Gillette Slim Adjustable and Schick blade (3rd use)
Tucks Topical Hemorrhoid suppository "pre-shave/brushless shaving cream"
Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Healing "brushless shaving cream/after shave balm
Nivea Double Action Face wash
Equate version of Tucks medicated (with Witch Hazel) hemorrhoid pads

I started by crushing two suppositories and mixing in the bowl with water. The outcome was greasy and smelled bad. I was hoping it would be more of a cream. It went on the face and seemed to make a greasy protective coating. The cheeks were shaved WTG/XTG/ATG with no problem. The goatee area was a bit to thick for this to work, so some Vaseline moisturizing lotion was added to beard and this added the slickness needed. Next came the neck with the same pattern, and then some polishing. I stared with the adjustable on '1', but the greasy concoction seemed to stick the blade to the bar, so I moved it up to '3' to get it to shave.

I then washed the concoction off with Nivea Double Action Face wash and used a soothing witch hazel hemorrhoid pad followed by more Vaseline intensive care as an aftershave balm.

BBS with very little irritiation. This actually gave me a better shave the Edge gel used to!

(I should get credit just for owning some of these products, nevermind that I put something that goes up your butt on my face! :w00t:)
My submission to The B&B CARNIVAL contest #6 Funniest SOTD photo:

My cleanest shave to date, and a shiny one at that!

In the spirit of vintage gillettes, I figured I'd take a few time tested methods used to clean up razors to clean up my face!

Pre-shave mix: Baking Soda + Vinegar
Soap/Cream: Tub and Tile Cleaner Brushless Cream (knockoff of Scrubbing Bubbles - hey I started this to save money right?)
Razor: Gillette SuperSpeed 1940's Style
Blade: Gillette Platinum
Aftershave: Rubbing Alcohol, Maas (balm used for shining up my noggin)
EDT/EDC: Fabreeze

To start things off, I mixed some baking soda and vinegar to get things off to a blast! After the chemical reaction this solution was massaged into my face to open those pores and get ready for my shave. Once massaged in (didn't take long as it stunk haha) I used a hot towel on my face for approxiamately one minute. After I cleaned off the left over residue, I went to work on my lather (which I might add took barely any time at all). I used a soap bowl lid, as seen in the photo, to spray my scrubbing bubbles into until it created the as seen cream. This was then applied, by hand, to my face. I went for a four pass shave; WTG, WTG, XTG, and ATG. Each time having to spray into the soap bowl lid in order to get enough lather (which really was the only noticeable downside so far). I'm sure one could spray directly onto their face but I really did not want to deal with scrubbing bubbles in my eyes, after all this is about a clean shave and not clean eyes. After the shave, which went surprisingly better than I had thought, my face was feeling a tad bit dry, so I decided to finish it off with a splash of rubbing alcohol. Believe it or not it actually felt quite nice! It burned some, but that was similar to my normal aftershaves, and actually gave a very nice cooling effect. The only downside was the smell. In additiong being that I shave my head, I also touched that up with some Maas to provide a nice shine - I didn't notice much difference really, only that funky smell that Maas is known for, which added with the scent of vinegar + rubbing alcohol left me desiring for something better. To combat this I spritzed myself off with Fabreeze and called it good.

Results: BBS on my cheeks, DFS on my neck (should be noted that I haven't acheived BBS on my neck so far), and DFS on my head (was easy as I shaved the day before so only need some touchup). Really the only noticeable after effect is that my face continues to be on the dry side, but other than that I'd say I'm satisfied.

Preshave – Rain Fresh Instant Hand Sanitizer
Brush – Disposable foam paintbrush
Razor – Disposable blade straight
Clean-up razor – Generic copy of a CurvFit razor
Blades – Dorco ST300 in both razors
Soap – Lava Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner – With Moisturizer!
Bowl – Plastic parts bowl

This is the manliest shave setup I could come up with from stuff I could find in my garage and storage closet.

I began with a warm shower, then applied the pre-shave. The label says that it has moisturizers and Vitamin E, but it dried on my face too fast to feel any moisturizing effects.

I grabbed my handy disposable foam brush and began to work up a lather with the Lava. I'm impressed that this stuff can actually generate not only suds, but a lather if worked up with the right amount of water. I bean to apply the lather to my face, but soon realized that it dried too rapidly to get full coverage and still have time to grab the razor and begin shaving. I coated my face as best I could, then relathered each section as I brought the razor to it.

The Dorco blades aren't as bad for me as for most other people, it appears, so I'm able to take advantage of the cheap blades and not worry about sacrificing them by using them with this lather. I can now vouch for the fact that Lava lather can actually dull blades.

The disposable straight made short work of my whiskers, but it's rather unforgiving on my lower neck. That's why I also loaded up the Curvfit knockoff as well. I shifted the blade to the open-comb side of the head and cleaned up the stray hairs.

After alternating rinses of warm and cold water to remove all soap residue I applied a generous splash of the Jack Daniel's after shave. I experienced a brief period where all my muscles tensed up as the burn rushed over my face, then the fire slowly dissipated.

I've had closer shaves, and more comfortable ones, but I haven't often come away smelling as good as I did from this one. I doubt that the aftershave would go over very well at work, though.

- Mark (S-4-C)
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