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The Carnival of Smiles "My Favorite Thing" about Carnivals Contest

Gotta go with the water gun race game. I swear I was always undefeated at this game as a kid! I had mad aim with a water gun.



Wanting for wisdom
I love the patter . . . side show . . . "she walks, she talks, she crawls on her belly like a reptile. . . meet selma the snake lady from the southern sands of the sahara and her friend Jo Jo the dog faced boy" . . . and the games " the cane you ring is the cane you carry away"

I love seeing someone "in the zone" while shearing a sheep.:lol::lol::lol:

If I could concentrate half this hard it would be BBS every time!
Seein the FFA kids make loads of money @ auction. I had friends that bought their first cars/trucks off a few sheep or a good steer.

Rides that, seen in daylight, would be far too rickety to ever climb on but in darkness look like the Radiant Hand of the Glowing God of Fun™ reaching down to lift us up to heaven.

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