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The Carnival of Smiles "My Favorite Thing" about Carnivals Contest

Operation Smile:smile:

Gentlemen, may I have your attention please!


The Carnival of Smiles "My Favorite Thing" about Carnivals Contest


The Aidan Gill For Men Grand Prize


Aidan Gill for Men

So you want to start shaving with a straight razor? Or perhaps you'd like to add a fine piece of German steel to your rotation? Well Aidan Gill, in New Orleans, Louisiana, would like to give you the chance. He has donated this beautiful Aidan Gill straight razor from Solingen.


But he isn't going to give just you a straight razor, a pat on the back and wish you good luck. No indeed. He wants to set you up for success, which is why he has also donated:​

All Natural Pre Shave Oil, specially formulated for Aidan Gill for Men's highest standards.


The Aiden Gill Travel Brush with Travel Tube



Geo F. Trumper Sandalwood Shaving Cream


How to enter!

By now you are probably wondering what hoops you'll have to jump through to enter this contest. Well there are no reviews to be written, videos to be made or stories to be told. Instead, in keeping with the carnival theme, all you'll have to do is post a picture of your favorite thing about carnivals before next Sunday night (11/22/09 7PM EST). It might be a picture of a clown, a ride, cotton candy, Bessie the butter cow or even the bearded lady if you are so inclined. Simply post that picture in this thread and you are entered.

Next Sunday evening, we will use random.org to select a winner. If the number genterated at random matches your post number and you have posted a carnival themed picture, you are the winner.

Yes, it is that easy. So let's see those pictures gentlemen. What do your favorite thing about carnivals?

Only one entry per person, subsequent entries will be disqualified. This contest is open to CONUS members only.​


And Please don't forget the kids!

~~~~~:smile:Operation Smile:smile:~~~~~
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I am not sure that this qualifies, but if not, so be it.

I have not been to a carnival since I was a kid and participating in this one has been great. My wife and I have done a lot of work with kids and this Carnival of Smiles hit a subject near and dear to our hearts.

Working with an orphanage in Taiwan we saw the miracle of surgery on cleft pallets and participating was a good thing, so here is your picture of a child's smile -- that is the best part of a carnival.

The city in Sweden where I lived before I moved to the USA had a carnival every fourth year, Lundakarnevalen. For four days the city would transform to a crazy place and you would see so much strange things. The best part is the parade where guys like this are perfectly normal :biggrin:

I haven't seen this since I was a kid but apparently there are a few still around. I used to LOVE watching these guys.

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