The Art of Shaving Sandalwood & Cypress EDT

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by crecepelo, Jul 25, 2019.

    Can someone tell me if the edt of Sandalwood and Cypress smells like the Art of Shaving sandalwood shaving cream? Thanls!
  1. sarimento1

    sarimento1 Contributor

    i tested this at the AOS shop, it's great but not nearly as straight a sandalwood scent as AOS shaving cream.

    where are you located??
    you might be able to test the fragrance at an AOS shop near you!

  2. thank you my friend! I am quite far, in Spain :)
  3. sarimento1

    sarimento1 Contributor

    wow, very far away!

    how did you come upon your AOS shave cream??
  4. The Knize

    The Knize Moderator Emeritus

    I agree that is a different scent. Not nearly so solo sandalwood as the shaving cream or the previous AOS Sandalwood edt. I would not buy it blind. Of course, there are very few scents I personally would buy blind, much less recommend that someone else buy blind.

    As I recall from the tester in the store, it is a nice scent. I do not think it has been the hit that the previous AOA Sandalwood edt was.
  5. I could manage to buy a sample of the sandalwood shaving cream from shaveanddash (UK) and I love the scent! :)
  6. sarimento1

    sarimento1 Contributor

    AOS sandalwood has some eucalyptus in it, so it’s a bit different from others.

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