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Thayers Original Witch Hazel vs. Rose Witch Hazel

I purchased some of Thayers Rose Witch Hazel a few weeks back, in part because I noticed that I started to break out a little bit since I started to wet shave (I almost always break out when using any kind of moisturizer). I'm not a big fan of the Rose scent, and I'm can't tell if it's helping my face from breaking out or not. Does the original smell better, and more importantly, does it help with break outs?

If anyone has any other products they use to help prevent breakouts, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
Hi guys,
I use the rose, lavender and unscented versions. Rose water and lavender water provide a mild antiseptic benefit but the original unscented is great by itself. All three contain aloe so the unsecented version smells of aloe, nice and clean. My personal favorite is the lavender, most prefer the rose I would guess. Like I said, I like all three. If you are breaking out it likely isn't acne but irritation, with some areas developing a mile infection. Try a mixture of OTC first aid cream and hydrocortisone. The first aid cream will clean the area and the cortisone will reduce the swelling and redness. Anybody who is looking to unload some Thayers need only PM me.
I haven't visited their site recently, but it appears they've added some new stuff. Or at least maybe I've never noticed the full offering of products.
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