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Tactical Error

Bought our first ever electric toothbrush and installed it in the middle bathroom ( rarely used by my wife, and shaving central for me). Last night I hear the toothbrush running, then laughter. Madame is standing there looking at the shaving setup. “Quite a thing you got going here”. I slinked away.


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I don't have all that much shaving stuff. well, not compared to most everyone else around here. A few razors, fewer brushes and a couple of soaps. I only use Personna Med Prep blades, a leftover from the shaving apocalypse. That was the late 1980s when no blades were available from the grocery or drug stores any longer. And, no mail order either. So, the surgical supply store was all I had to buy blades from.

My wife knows all about y'all, though. And, she's happy because she found out about the Lady Gillette from B&B, so I guess we can consider her an associate member. And, she not only tried and kept that, she also tried a Lady Eversharp injector as well. And several forms of shaving cream to boot. Although, she settled out on one we never seem to chat about: Mary Kay for Men.

Anyway, if I wanted to start a serious collection and display them all over the bathroom, she'd be cool about it.

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