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Good soap overall, debatable scent. With that said, arko, great overall, debatable scent, but costs wayyyyyyyy less.
Hey, there wasn't a Tabac thread on the Soap page! It just felt wrong, I was compelled to act.
I like the Tabac scent in general, but like it less as it manifests in the soap. Reminds me of cat litter.

Easy to use. Fantastic lather. Comes in an awesome bowl. I don't love it, but I like it enough that I replaced my original puck.
sub-par. i may have been overhyped. the lather is worse than poraso, the smell made the older ladies flock and the younger ones run. i personally loved the scent but there are better fish in the sea. though i wouldnt mind trying the cream and using it for super/uber-lathers.
The stick - a couple of swipes on the face and you get loads of lather.
Better yet, for armpit shaving - b. odour killer ;)
I like it a lot. Love Proraso best and really like TOBS rose. It's different and that is what I like: a contrast and something that stands out. I also like the fact that it's a bit "kitchie". Frankly, I've found that you either love it or hate it.
Scent issue is way overstated. IMO there are much better soaps to sample.

Check out Mike's Soaps with the maniacal followers.
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