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T-Shirt or Tank Top?

What kind of guy are you: tank top or t-shirt?

  • T-Shirt

  • Tank Top

  • Neither!

  • 3 wolves and a moon "T" for me

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depending on the day and where I'm going, either a t-shirt or a sleeveless T. Tanks on occasion. For something more "dressy".... long sleeve button down (sleeves rolled up) with shorts.
polo's, and t-shirts over t-shirts, and light weight button downs.

and of course boat shoes, vans, and vintage vespa's, and summer cocktails!
I never wear tank tops. I occasionally wear t-shirts, but I'm mostly wearing button shirt.

I would like to add that I hate the term wifebeater.
The distinction is lost on me...

plain tank tops are (often) thicker material and usually not rib knit; they are intended to be worn alone with nothing under or over them.

wifebeaters aka A-shirts aka vests/singlets (in UK) are thinner material, usually rib knit and intended to be worn with a proper shirt over them (however, "urban" fashion wears them with no over shirt).
The distinction is lost on me...


underwear vs. outerwear

I think it's mostly dependent on the fit. I say that because I also have an outerwear tank-top that is the same color and has the same ribbing as the shirt on the left, but it's the same shape as the one on the right. Unless you're a bodybuilder or something, anything form-fitting and all one color is probably intended to be an undershirt.

Whatever you call them, the looser variety is a must for scorching summers (or sports).
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