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SV vs. MdC

Hi all, have never tried either of these upscale soaps and wondering if folks prefer one over the other.
Because of expense, I don't want to make a mistake :). Please also mention your scent preferences. Thanks.

It's Hedley

Pick one MdC and one SV and go from there. Most people love MdC Fougere. I think all MdC scents are excellent. With Spring Summer on the way, Agrumes (lemon) MdC is outstanding.

The SV I hope to never be without is Dolomiti. It is the best lathering soap I have tried. The Dolomiti scent is very Earthy, like nothing I have tried. Not all SV scents are agreeable to me, so pick wisely.
Both are excellent SV is a bit more scented at least 70th anniversary is to my nose but performance wise they are on the same level, too bad MDC don't do matching aftershaves to compliment their soaps


I'm a Lumberjack.
I’ll vote sv. Even though I don’t have mdc. Tbh the price point of mdc pushes me away.
haven't tried the 4.3 SV yet, but in comparison of the 70th 4.1 and MdC?
MdC performs better, ever so slightly...
If you can only get one (to start), keep an eye open for sales.....sometimes stores will have 10-15% off and then make your move. Both are good. Are they worth it.....well if you have the money: yes. No soap is worth getting into debt.
I have SV Felce Aromatica and MDC Fougere. I like them both. I prefer the scent and performance of the SV. Both are top tier stuff. The only thing I'd change about my tub of MDC is that I wish it were the rose instead of the fougere.


I’m not a fan
I've owned and used both for a number of years. I love MdC but overall I give the nod to SV in the "post shave feel" category. MdC Fougere is an outstanding scent.

Both are excellent IMO and I'd be hard pressed to choose between the two. Gun to my head? SV.
Have and enjoy both brands. Both are long lasting top notch soaps that in my opinion are worth the price.
Scent: I prefer the MdC scents over the SV.
Lather: both are superb I’d call it a tie.
Post shave feel: I prefer SV over MdC.
Summary: Really can’t go wrong either way, but I find most SV scents to be too much for me on consecutive days in a row (1 exception is the SV/Asylum Colonia), while I could probably use the MdC soaps for a month straight and still find myself enjoying the scents.
Thanks all, ordered some Dolomiti, and next paycheck maybe some MdC Fougere. It sounds like it's very hard to go wrong with these two.

It's Hedley

Thanks all, ordered some Dolomiti, and next paycheck maybe some MdC Fougere. It sounds like it's very hard to go wrong with these two.
You are in for a treat. The Dolomiti is amazing and the scent is one you could use daily. I look forward to hearing your take.
I have one scent of SV and 4 of MdC. I don't know why but I prefer MdC. But because SV has a matching AS ( and it's a nice one ) if I had to vote it would be SV.
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