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Sure fire way to get rid of squirrels


Have not tried this myself and don't actually have anything against squirrels. But I was talking to a relative who saw this done, said it works flawlessly. Take a five gallon bucket and put about 12" of water in it. Stick a large diameter PVC pipe into the bucket and lean the end up against a tree trunk. Smear peanut butter onto the inside of the pipe so that it is up out of the water and able to be smelled. Use your imagination as to how it all unfolds.

This relative has seen property where this has been employed and it is absolutely vacant of squirrels.

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I have used a bucket spinner trap for mice with great results.

Something larger was getting into it...

I may try this squirrel trap, but our new hawk has been getting into the squirrels and tearing them apart, flying them over the house, etc.

Might have trouble finding an intact one.

I am having an issue with Eastern Fox Squirels gnawing on my new cedar deck railing and sun shade, this is something I may need to try. They are considered an invasive species and you cannot release them back into the wild.

Because if this, I have been vascilating between shooting the pesky, gnawing critters or live trapping them and then dispatching them in my garage.

Shooting them with a pellet gun is problematic since I live within the city limits and it is illegal to discharge a firearm within city limits. Believe it or not, a pellet gun is considered a firearm. I prefer a quick and more humane death than drowning, but I do not want to buy a $60 live trap and then still have to shoot them.

Mmmm...decisions, decisions.
Best way involves surgical tubing and a spaghetti strainer ...

Can't find the hi-res, but this has over 3 million views.

I need to build that but about 10x the size to deal with the neighbor's kids

As for the squirrels (and other vermin, varmints, etc.) check out this guy's youtube channel, some interesting ideas
Shawn Woods (warning, there are dead critters)

Commander Quan

Commander Yellow Pantyhose
The father in law would catch chipmunks in his attic with a Havahart, give them a stern lecture...and drown them.
Michael Dobie once (and they dig in our flower garden too), wrote;

"Here’s the thing about wars: They’re hard to end.

Once you’re in a fight, and you and your foe are equally committed and equally armed, it goes on and on and on.

I speak, of course, of the squirrels".

Squirrels Charging.png
"The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting" [Squirrel] Sun Tzu
I'm at war with California ground squirrels. This summer I've killed 25. The live trap worked on a couple but the rest of the squirrels learned from their friends mistakes. So I ordered a pellet pistol. My pellet rifle is to loud to use in the backyard. I ordered a Beeman P17 for around $35. It's quite and powerful enough to do the job. I recently ordered some wire snare traps($19 for 12 on Amazon) to get the ones who had burrowed under the shed. It took a little bit of experimentation to get it right. After a short time I got them. Once in the snare I dispatched them with the Beeman. Now to fill the burrow with quick set fence post cement.
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