Sure fire way to get rid of squirrels

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors!' started by Captain Pre-Capsize, Oct 19, 2018.

  1. Ad Astra

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    I may try this trick with a 10-foot section of sewer pipe... For that bear that keeps getting into my trash.

    That'd learn him.

  2. Bhugo

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    We need a film of that one!
  3. Ad Astra

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    I know, right? :001_tongu Picturing a sewer pipe leading down into a dumpster filled with water ...

    Ironically, I have a game camera watching the trash now ...

  4. martym

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    Go out there next time and give that bear what fer
  5. Ad Astra

    Ad Astra Ambassador

    A local DID shoot one, out of aggravation, and got arrested. No, thanks.

    Sonic grenade boobytrap, maybe. Finding a bear turd on the spot would be rewarding.

  6. Benjamin Marauder .177 tuned to 960fps/16fpe.

    Squirrels out to 25+ yards don't stand a chance. QUIET, accurate, and more than enough power with proper shot placement.

    Or...get a good cat. Maine Coon should do.
  7. My first thought when I read the title of your post was "sure...just fire!"

  8. I sure have enjoyed reading all the comments and suggestions. Due to city codes, it appears I will have to revert back to using some kind of live trap or try one of the drowning methods mentioned here.

    The weather is turning colder which has decreased their activity and their destruction of my deck...for now.
    I hope to provide an update as I move forward with Operation Dinner Invitation.
  9. Got a squirrel today with the Beeman P 17 pistol. Head shot from the back door!
  10. Ad Astra

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    Ay, the House-Eaters ... the war never ends!

  11. I’m resurrecting this old topic because I found a good squirrel trap. It’s called the squirrel-Inator. I had spoke with a trapper who said he uses them. I set it out the day it was delivered and got one! One the second day and today there’s SIX in there! The trapper said he uses a horse and goat feed called sweet cob so I picked up a 20 pound bag for $12 at tractor supply. Working great so far.
  12. Ad Astra

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    Tentatively interested.

    With that name, I thought it incinerated them ...

  13. Update one more joined so that’s seven today!
  14. Very glad it's working for you. I've never had much luck on live traps, no matter what bait or guide posts I put in them. But I need armadillo bait.

    These also work well on squirrels.

  15. I live in the country. Usually, I just ignore them until they get destructive. I use a high velocity pellet rifle. 960 fps. Quiet and deadly.
    I throw the carcasses on the sauna roof. Ravens take them in less than an hour.
    Sometimes I'll get a trap smart mouse in the house. I use a glue trap then deliver "le coup de grace" with my trusty P17. The mouse must be dispatched immediately, since some will actually rip their skin off trying to escape. Cruelty is never acceptable.
  16. I use this type of 5 gallon bucket trap (made them in the machine shop) for mice:

    Got one in the detached garage and one in the house attic. I keep about 3" of auto antifreeze in the bottom of the bucket so once they drown they don't stink. The antifreeze kind of preserves them, then I don't have to clean them out every day. I check them and change to fresh peanut butter once a week. Usually none in the bucket, but every now and then...

    When I first put them out I caught loads in the garage. A few in the attic. Since then no more mice in the house except a few when it starts to get cold in the fall.
  17. Acmemfg

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    Squirrels are problematic rats with bushy tails. They are surely not welcome around my place. Those who intrude are treated harshly.
  18. Ad Astra

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    We call them "house-eaters" here for a reason: they are perpetually gnawing on homes here in an attempt to get into your attic. Maybe the local trees are overcrowded; I don't know. Elderly couple here were feeding them, wound up with attic residents.

    One summer, I marked on the calendar every time I trapped and transported a house-eater ... More than 20, I recall. They are inexhaustible. If they tasted better, we'd be set for life. Maybe I should start grinding them for catfood ...

  19. I deal with Treerats the same way!
  20. Used to work at a sporting goods store. A lot of the customers looking at pellet guns had a squirrel problem.

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