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Superior 70 Bay Rum...

I was finally able to get a bottle of this stuff a few days ago. In a nutshell, it's really good. It's more fleeting in scent than the other bay rums I have--I get maybe 2-3 hrs. tops with it, but it's a great 2 hours.

It's basically alcohol with bay oil and little else. It has the feel of Sea Breeze astringent when applied, and it's somewhat medicinal although nowhere near what Sea Breeze is. Has a bit of sting to it but not the continuous burn of Pinauds. You can lay it on a little heavy and not blow out a room of people and it dries down into really clean masculine scent.

Those who are put off by the cinnamon/clove nature of Bay Rums may find that Superior 70 is just the ticket. Pricewise, I paid $2.75 for a twelve oz. bottle. The package is basic--it's an opaque plastic bottle much like a rubbing alcohol bottle, nothing fancy. Quality wise I think is top notch-it does not smell cheapo despite the price tag.

If you like bay rums it's worth your while to give this a spin. An excellent value. Thanks to fellow forum member cstrother for helping me locate a bottle. From what I understand it's pretty prevalent in the South.

Marty E.
Hey, Marty,

Glad you tracked Superior 70 down. I take it you are not really on Galway Bay! Are you in my area, Washington, DC?

Nice stuff isn't it? I have seen reviews refer to it as having citrus smells, but I have always thought this is what leaves from a bay tree probably really smell like. Clearly my favorite smell in a bay rum, and I do like bay rums. Very pure, very clean. Great review. I agree, there is aboslutely nothing to it that smells cheap. Interesting that this burns less than Pinaud's. 70% alcohol seems a little high and that is the only downside at all that I see to this stuff. I do not find that I get much lasting scent from it at all, which is fine with me. What is left is really nice. But I basically wear any edt I like over it. I do not think it every clashes, and I use the stuff by the hand full. By the way, the opening for the bottle is kind of big. Just a regular screw off cap plastic bottle, but I popped in a speed pourer made for use by bar tenders with liquor bottles and that seems to give me just the right pour.

I am so glad that you were able to find it, and that you like it!


I'd like to try the Masters but everywhere I see it it's in the 15 oz. bottles. If I could get a smaller size I'd try it just for the heck of it. I hate to waste stuff, and it would probably take me years to finish off a bottle.

Between Pinauds, Ogallala and Superior 70 I have enough Bay Rum to float a battle ship. A year ago I had no aftershaves-I must have at least ten now. This is one frightening hobby...

I really need to check out some Dominica!!!

Marty E.
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