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Super Click Baseplate + Baili Tech = Autolubing EverMoist. Wet n Wild!

Need a Wet n Wild Tech shave? Want to be moist? Not enough lube in your shave? Well then, may I introduce to you the cheap and cheerful third coming of the Evermoist!

During my experiments with the Super Click and Fusion Flexball, I realized that if you cut the handle off the Super Click, there a perfectly aligned hole for a screw. And using the cap from a China Blue Tech, The Super Click Base and the China Blue Tech handle, I found one could get a passable shave and let the idea go.

However, when I read about the PAA Artifact (the second coming of the Evermoist), I realized the Super Click has similar lube channels. What?!? Maybe my rig just needed more weight to be effective. So I dug around in my box of cheap razors and found that a Baili Tech has a pretty heavy cap and handle (the one in the mirrored box). Using them, the razor had a lot more impact and was a fun shave. Plus it has end that cover the blade tabs. A perfect fit.

Is is wet? Yes! Don't try this with a shirt on!
Is it wild! Yes! There will be lube flowing everywhere!
Is it cheap? Yes, as chips!
Is it cheerful? You got that right!

More info on the Evermoist can be found below:



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Pics using the the Chine Blue Tech handle and cap. It is just too light to be Wet n Wild. The white you see on the baseplate is either soap scum or superglue residue from various experiments.


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