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FS Straight razors from starter 5/8 to R. Williams custom, L1 Sabre, contract/pre-war tech, Protouch MG, etc.

I've honed every straight until it had an edge I enjoy. Scroll to the bottom to see details of shipping (and how, since it's October, there are opportunities for _free shipping_ to the US/Canada on Tuesdays).

Robert Williams 15/16 -- 265CAD (~194USD) [pics]

A nice razor from a pioneer in the field who's no longer making blades afaik. This came to me with some issues but I was able to get it shaving well and mirror-polished the toe for fun. Expected to keep it for a long time but turns out I prefer smaller razors so it's not one I reach for all that often so am happy to share it if someone takes a liking.

Blackland Sabre L1 -- 190CAD (~139USD) [pics]

Machined finish, only razor I could actually really enjoy a fresh Gem blade before I got the hang of hand-stropping them because it forces you to really nail the proper shallow angle. I'm so enthralled with my Streamline though it's rare I use other safety razors. Includes tin (which I think indicates it's an older production).

Two Gillette Tech DE: one pre-war and one contract -- 40CAD (~29USD) [pics]

The pre-war tech (with triangle slots) is in the running for my favourite DE but I don't need two and both of these are harder to find than the usual ones. Both are user grade, the pre-war is aging gracefully whereas the contract is losing plating in a less appealing way but they still are entirely functional and interesting razors if you're into Techs and want to try them all.

Universal "lama intera" (eg. whole blade) shavette -- 30CAD (~22USD)

This doesn't seem readily available but I lucked into it in an ebay lot. Unlike most shavettes that take a DE blade it doesn't require you to break it in half, instead it's larger to accomodate the whole blade and thus offers more weight to help steady your hand like a straight razor with a heavy grind.

Boker Edelweiss 5/8 -- 40CAD (~29USD) [pics]

Boker have been making these reliable razors for a while now and they're a great place to start. The blade isn't quite centered in the scales so you need to close it carefully though.

Gotta 13/16 -- 64CAD (~47USD) [pics]

Grah & Plumacher may not be quite as famous a brand as Puma but they make quite nice razors. Yes the etch is almost gone and it's not pristine but the grind is excellent, it's my favourite width and I really like the type of jimping they did on it so I won't be too sad if it doesn't sell any time soon.

2 packs of Kai Titan Protouch MG guarded AC blades -- 22CAD (~16USD) each

Seem to be one of the most well regarded blades for this system, at least when I looked them up I saw a lot of positive mentions. These came with a shavette I picked up but I don't think I'll ever get through this many, mostly just wanted some reference edges so would rather a variety. Would take 40CAD (~29USD) for both. (On that note, anyone in Toronto with a collection of AC blades I could buy a couple of each off of?)

Payment and shipping

Buyer pays $13CAD tracked ($8 without) to the US or $4 untracked to Canada (if you're up for Lettermail) or actual cost of your preferred shipping via Canada Post or we can meet in Toronto (and more convenient to hone for you if you happen to be local). I prefer payment in Canadian dollars because if I get USD or EUR in my PayPal account the odds are high I'm just going to buy more razors with it.

In October there is this promo wherein I can ship one package each to the US and Canada, priority given to more substantial purchases but if you check in on Tuesday and I don't have anything going out I might do it just for the blades even. Also, if you're in Canada you can use _your_ account to generate a PDF label for me to ship the item(s) to you.

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