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Straight razor journal…wishing I had a catchy title

Good Day,

Been wet shaving for about 2 years. Moved overseas at the request of Uncle Sam last year and found the forum. Let's just say this year Badger Brushes and I have become very well acquainted. :lol: My buddy that turned me on to wet shaving is a straight razor kind of fellow, so I wanted to give them a try.

For father's day last year I bought a straight and strop, from Larry at Whipped Dog. And theyfinally ended up under the tree at Christmas. So today, after a bit of video and some time on the strop I took the plunge with just the left side (dominate side) of my face with the razor on a double pass…..ie lather and shave, and re-lather and shave.

I think I broke every rule in the book on what not to do….used a new soap, new brush, did not shower (only used the hot towel for a few minutes). But I put the soap directly to my face pretty thick, and let it sit….and sit some more….Used Barrister and Mann's "Roam"…..reminds me of a campfire. And then I face lathered for a bit.

All in all it went well, No nicks and no weepers. Enjoyed the sound of the blade cutting the whiskers, and pleasure of seeing the action vice just watching the soap pile up on the underside of the DE. That is about all I can ask for. When I went for my post shave pass with my Alum block I noticed a slight tingle where I had been using the straight….will just watch my angle and pressure in the next few days as I stay on my strong side cheek.

About the only thing I learned is I will probably switch razor's to another shave ready razor I purchase with a barber's hone as it is a round nose and the one from Larry has a nice point, and while I am get the hang of things, would like to keep my ear and nose on my face. Here is a pic of my set up today…will continue to post as I get into the swing.

Thanks for stopping by,

Sounds like a great first go. Congrats. With patience and practice you'll be a straight razor kind of fellow too.
Day 2. New razor.

So I stuck with my left side (dominate side) of my face sideburns and cheeks. Used a new razor that I got off of BST. Noticed some tugging with this razor. Will strop one more time and see if it has any improvement. Other than that I spent more time fighting with my soap and my new brushes that concentrating on the razor. Will, dial in the soap and brushed while I just work on the sideburn and cheeks, but when I roll to the chin and neck, will switch back to my creams and "the Chief" to make sure all I have to focus on is the blade.

Waiting for my shavette to show up so I can shadow shave with cream and "no blade" so I can focus on the angles of my face.

Until next time…maybe I will swing by the foxhole shaver's club in the meantime.

Stropping is a learned skill too, believe it or not, and may actually make an edge worse if done improperly. It may help to lay your strop on a table and strop slowly, instead of with the strop hanging (assuming you're not using a paddle). Make sure to watch the angle of the razor. You want to shave with the spine within one or two (preferably one) spine's widths from your face. Also make sure you're stretching your skin with your "off" hand. This will make the razor glide more easily. If it's shave-ready and you're holding the razor at the right angle and stretching your skin, you will feel zero tugging. Zero.

Keep at it. There's lots to learn, but it's worth it.
Day three and four.

Well I got a wee bit cocky on day three and after I went to my right hand…(weak hand). I tried under the lip. Got a few weapers. Day four turned out better….but patchy.

But still no huge cuts, so I am a happy man. My left side is getting better every day so I cannot complain.

Thanks to Larry with the advice to strop on the table. I did this after I shaved….it seemed to go smoother today. Looking forward to my next shave with the straight to see how that works.

Thanks again. Might have to work my straight shaves in on the weekends and days off as my stropping is not up to the work day routine as of yet.

More in a bit.

Hey Lucas. It sounds like things are going pretty well.

When I first started SR shaving, I moved to shaving in the evening, so that I could take my time and still get a SR shave everyday. For the most part, my shaves were decent enough to where I didn't have to do a touch-up in the morning with the DE. Some people did say that if need be, you can do that touch-up in the morning, but I didn't feel the need.

This allowed me to get enough practice with the SR in a short enough time, that after a month, or so, of shaves I was able to move back to shaving in the morning before work.

I only bring this up, because for me, if I hadn't of done a SR shave every day, but rather only on the weekend, I think that the amount of time to get proficient would have been too long and I would not have stuck with it.
I have to agree with Rob. Shaving with te straight every day will shorten the learning by a large degree. Another suggestion is to strop the night before rather than in the morning when time is shorter. Sounds like you are approaching it right from the start -- no rush to shave and no rush to do a "complete" straight shave. Keep it up and it will get better and better
Good point. When I went from shaving at night to shaving in the morning, I did keep doing the stropping at night.

In fact, I still strop the night before.
Thanks for the suggestions guys. I shaved today…New Years. Got most of my face with the straight including the left side of my neck, and today I got the first real nick…got caught by the Spanish point of the razor….live and learn. Had a little razor burn that the alum block told me about but nothing too serious.

Really glad I went to DE first….that way I could understand pressure and patience…my face is not BBS smooth yet but we are making progress

I will try the night shave technique….although I will still shower in the am. Will try the Kyle prep to get the beard soft.

Thanks guys

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