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Straight-razor, DE or other razor for someone with neck troubles?

Hello all!

In 1985, I had surgery to remove a pituitary tumor. For a few years now I have had trouble turning my neck in any direction for more than an inch or two. It was discovered that the ligaments in my neck were becoming calcified. I don't know if there is any treatment for this. Because I cannot raise my head very far, it is very hard to see when I'm shaving the areas under my chin.
I did a little "experimenting" to see if I could even get the proper angle on a DE vs what I was using before (a Mach 3). Because I can only tip my head back so far, when doing a NS pass, the handle contacts my body and thus I cannot get the proper angle. With the Mach 3, the pivoting head allowed me to reach the proper angle. To get an idea of what I mean, next time you shave, tip your head back no more than one-inch, then try a NS pass.
Would a straight-razor, DE, Injector . . . be "better" for me? Any tips or other helpful suggestions?

Thanks much!
~Tim :cool:
Tough question. The inability to see what your doing and manuever your face around would dissuade me from use of a straight razor. The angle problem I can't picture as angle shouldn't be a problem with the Mach 3 or a DE. Skin stretch is the main reason I lift my face. The angle of a Mach3 would work but so would a DE. I hold the DE handle at a 40 degree angle away from my skin. For you if your interested in trying a DE I would suggest the little HD from Merkur, but if a Mach 3 is working now I see little reason (except cost and irritation) to move away from the Mach 3. Except of course I can't stand trying to shave with a razor with a floppy head. I think your assuming that a DE is used with the handle perpendicular to your skin, I don't think that is necessary. Or atleast that certainly isn't the way I use one.
I have never had surgery or anything of the sort on my neck but did have significant problems with razor burn/bumps. When I was using a M3 I could only shave every other day or risk bumps (no matter what razor burn treatment of the hour I was using). If I avoided the S-N strokes entirely I could avoid bumps but then I had the problem of looking like Don Johnson circa 1980s (for the Miami Vice crowd).

I have found the DE to be very effective with working around my trouble areas and even if my neck looks angry if I get too aggresive, it is usually settled within 20 minutes.

Hope that helps,

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