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Sterling Synthetic Kong Review

Sterling Soap- Synthetic Brush Review- Kong


My Use Case: Face lathering from a bowl of TOBS Cream for Sensitive Skin


Cost: $14.99 (2023)
Weight: 105g
Knot Width: 26mm
Knot Height: 63mm
Knot Density (observable): medium to low
Handle: 45mm diameter at base

Fibre Performance; Plisson/ Plissoft style

Water Retention: 2/5
Heat Retention: 0/5
Backbone: 1/5
Splay: 4/5
Softness Factor: 4/5
Scrub Factor: 2/5
Bounce/ Spring Factor: 3/5
Realism Factor (for synths): 1/5
Glue Bump Factor: 3/5
Precise Factor (when painting): 1/5
Flow Through: 2/5

The good: This brush is affordable and uses the plisson style synthetic which is soft and works in a way that is generally satisfactory in that it can create a lather and can exfoliate if needed. The price entry point is great.

The bad: I found the handle too big- even though it has a groove- its just too large to comfortably hold. The thing that bothers me the most is that the brush retains no moisture or heat at all. This means you have to add in water as you go- not being able to absorb the water in the fiber means that later dribbles down the side of the handle. The knot is so large that it easily covers my whole cheek to my neck when fully splayed. This prevents the act of face lathering really and means its aimed more at bowl lathering.

The neutral: the brush will apply lather adequately. the handle is a subjective thing as far as material and shape goes. Size preference is subjective.

The bottom line: The Kong has a cheap entry point- and it helps that Sterling also make soaps meaning you can group your purchases together when you buy a brush like this. Despite the much loved large knot- 7 years in with this brush I am ready to move on. I am grateful for it because it showed me what I didn't like- and what I generally prefer- smaller knots- face lathering- exfoliation- back bone- HEAT retention and water retention. I bought this brush when I was a student and 23. It came highly recommended - it was all the rage in 2016 believe me; it was affordable and large and plisson-styled but realistically I don't think I would buy it again with the quality of synthetics available today. I wouldn't really recommend it either unless you want to experiment with larger brush or think its qualities would really suit you.


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