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Starbucks Coffee Liqueur Alternative?

My wife got to try the Starbucks Coffee Liqueur (Black glass bottle) and absolutely loved. Unfortunately it is no longer available and it was the last of the stock of a relative. I'm sure starbucks didn't produce it so does anyone know who did? Relabel maybe? An alternative suggestion would be great also. Thanks.
You can make really good coffee liqueur yourself.

Mix equal parts really good, strong coffee and sugar. Bring barely to a boil and make sure the sugar is fully dissolved. Let it cool and then mix with vodka to get your desired strength (roughly equal coffee syrup and 80 proof vodka for 20% liqueur). Your total cost for 750ml total: a dollar or two for the coffee (less if you brew yourself), a few cents for the sugar, and probably $6-10 for the vodka.

I'd suggest starting with a small batch (1 cup of everything) and try it, then adjust proportions to your desired taste.
+1 on making it yourself. A vodka or Everclear base works well. Autocrat coffee syrup or instant coffee are a good way about getting in the coffee flavor. To get some sweetness and additional flavoring regular Hershey's syrup works great.
Look for Illy (the ubiquitous Italian espresso coffee people) liqueur if you can find it. Blows Kaluha out of the water. I remember the Starbucks stuff wasn't bad either, too bad it was discontinued!
It's been well over 15 years since I've tasted it so I don't know if it's changed, but I remember visiting a friend once who had a bottle of Tia Maria on hand (a coffee liqueur made with Jamacian coffee beans). Even though I only indulge in coffee on a very rare occassion (I MUCH prefer the flavor of tea over coffee), he offered me a little and even to this day I still remember being pleasantly surprised by it. May be worth a try...
Tia Maria! Or, as our good English friends would say; Tiur Mariur. Grand stuff no matter how you pronounce it. It does not seem as overly sweet tasting as Kahlua does to me.

Regards, Todd
Reviving an old thread. I searched for it because I went to look for it and it couldn't find it. Anyway, Patron makes a good coffee liqueur.
The patron stuff is pretty amazing.

On making it yourself, try doing it with cold brew coffee (look it up for easy ways to make it). Cold brew leaves out the oils and acidity and brings some of the sweetness into the coffee extract. May be able to combine with vodka without adding sugar too. I have done a lot with cold brew but haven't tried this yet. May have to give it a shot soon.
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