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FS SR Starter's Kit (Shave-ready) - Worldwide

Up for sale, a starter's kit for straight razor shaving. The kit contains:
  • Titan ACRM-2 T.H.60 shave-ready straight razor dressed in African black-wood scales and with a PU leather zippered case.
  • 20mm synthetic shaving brush with timber handle.
  • 65g tube of Palmolive Regular shave cream (Italian).
  • 62mm wide calf-leather/demin strop with brass plated steel hardware.
  • 10ml tin of petroleum jelly.
  • 7g block of cerium oxide stropping paste in plastic container.
  • 120mm x 70mm x 10mm blade cleaning sponge.
  • Instructions (not pictured) via email.


Note: Bevel/edge will be finished on your choice of diamond pasted balsa or hard black Arkansas whetstone.

AU$120 (about UD$80) plus shipping, paid via PayPal G&S

Shipping via Australia Post with tracking if available:

Australia = AU$12.20 1 to 2 weeks
New Zealand = AU$21.30 (about UD$14.20) 1 to 2 weeks
Aisia/Pacific = AU$28.10 (about US$18.80) 2 to 4 weeks
US/Canada = AU$31.30 (about US$21.90) 2 to 3 weeks)
UK, Europe & Brazil = AU$37.10 (about US$24.80) 2 to 3 weeks
Rest of world = AU$45.30 (about US$30.20) 2 to 5 weeks
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Girls call me Makaluod
Straight Razor Technical Details:
Make = Titan​
Model = ACRM-2 T.H.60 (2022)​
Country of manufacture= Taiwan​
Blade material = Japanese high carbon steel with added Cr (not stainless steel)​
Blade hardness = 60 RHC​
Blade width = ⅞ (21mm)​
Point style = Dutch (round)​
Grind = Half hollow​
Edge length = 69mm​
Spine thickness = 5.54mm​
Blade thickness at top of bevel = 0.43mm​
Bevel angle = 17.4°​
Stabiliser = None​
Jimping = Underside only​
Tail length opened 270° = 22mm​
Balance opened 180° = 6mm from pivot towards blade​
Mass = 68g​
Scales material = African black-wood​
Spacer = Parallel of African black-wood​
Pins = Brass x 2​
Scales width at pivot = 10mm​
Scales thickness overall =22mm max.​
Length closed = 163mm​
Length open 180° = 248mm​


The two bevel/edge finish options are:
  1. Diamond pasted balsa - the keenest (sharpest) of the two. Suggested for those who have good experience with replaceable blade straight razors (shavette).​
  2. Hard black Arkansas - more comfortable to shave with than the pasted balsa finish but not quite as keen.​
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Girls call me Makaluod
This kit, as supplied, should be able to give you a few hundred shaves (provided you can follow instructions) before the edge needs refreshing on a whetstone/films. You will need more shaving soap/cream well before then and will probably have to replace the strop as you cut your first one up.


Girls call me Makaluod
I will also throw in your first edge refresh for free (you pay postage both ways) provided the edge is not damaged. That will then allow you to maintain the edge on a 0.1μm diamond pasted balsa strop so that the blade never needs to be honed again.
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