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FS Shave-ready Vintage "Bengall" SR - Worldwide

Offered for sale is a shave-ready post-1924 T.R. Cadman "Bengall" straight razor in VG condition. This straight razor is excess to my requirements as I collect pre-1924 Bengalls.

Message me on B&B if interested or you have any questions.



Technical Details:
Manufacturer = TR Cadman & Sons Ltd, Sheffield, England​
Model = Bengall​
Year = post 1924 to about 1945​
Blade material = carbon steel​
Blade width = ⅝ (17mm)​
Grind = full-hollow​
Point style = Dutch (round)​
Stabilizers = single each side​
Spine thickness = 4.58mm​
Bevel angle = 16.0°​
Blade Thickness = 0.26mm at bevel shoulder​
Edge length = 70mm​
Jimps = underside of shank only​
Tail length = 19mm opened 270°​
Scales material = Xylonite or similar (OEM)​
Pins = silver/nickel (2)​
Spacer = parallel plastic​
Length closed = 160mm​
Length open = 249mm​
Mass = 38g​
This SR has been honed from bevel-set to my standard of shave-ready, finishing on a diamond pasted balsa strop progression (0.5µm, 0.25µm & 0.1µm) all without tape. The razor has been shave tested and found not wanting in any regard. After the shave test, the blade was again refreshed on a 0.1µm hanging diamond pasted balsa strop and stropped on clean leather. The razor is ready to use as received. I autoclave my face before and after each shave. If you are still worried about catching any of my communicable diseases, you can disinfect the razor yourself.​
The razor and scales have been restored from fair condition to very good condition. There is very minor evidence of patina on the blade and spine. The scales have been sanded and polished but there are still some very fine scratches to be seen in the right light. These scratches could easily be sanded out and the scales polished.​
The blade closes centrally into the scales and the pivot pin tension is just right for me.​

US$60.00 plus postage​
Payment via PayPal G&S only​
Australia = AU$12.00 (1 to 2 weeks)​
New Zealand = US$10.00 (2 to 3 weeks)​
Asia/Pacific = US$14.60 (2 to 3 weeks)​
USA/Canada = US$16.40 (1 to 2 weeks)​
UK/Europe & Brazil = US$20.00 (2 to 3 weeks)​
Rest of world = US$23.70 (2 to 5 weeks)​
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