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Straight Razor Starter Kit

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I’ve exceeded my self imposed razor limit so it’s time to list a few things. I thought that I’d put together a straight razor starter kit for someone interested in taking up the gentlemanly art. The below items are for sale as a lot.

Included in the kit

1. Shave ready vintage Solingen straight razor
2. Diamond pasted balsa strop (0.1 micron)
3. Titan leather/denim hanging strop (new)
4. Stirling Sandpiper (Had a few test scoops only. Purchased June 2022)
5. SOC Boar brush (test lathered only)
6. One set of written instructions prepared by @rbscebu

A bit about the razor. This is a 6/8”, hollow ground, carbon steel, round point razor from Germany. In my view it’s an ideal beginners blade. The blade lays perfectly flat on the stones and is easy to hone. I’ve been using it as a test razor for new stones. There are no fancy honing techniques required for this one. It’s about as easy to hone as they get. The hone wear is even and the edge is straight. The shoulderless design is easy to strop. The pivot is tight and it closes centrally in the scales. I haven’t polished out the natural patina. This actually protects the steel from active red rust.

The kit ships from Melbourne Australia for $110 AUD plus shipping. Allow $15 AUD for local shipping. See attached for international shipping rates (acrylic is heavy). Payment via PayPal request.




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