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"Sportsman" Tech


found this mint Tech today, it came with a British Blue blade from 1966. This is the all nickel plated brass (61 g) variant with echted Gillette inscription, sometimes called "Sportsman", based on Achims site.
The slightly confusing part is that the majority of these Techs come with an aluminum handle and zamak cap.
So, were the all brass and aluminum/zamak versions produced during the same period?
Or did Gillette start the production with the all brass version then changed to zamak/aluminum?
Are all brass heads with aluminum handles missmatches or a production variant?

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I have a couple of these but don't know much about them other then they are fantastic razors to use IMHO.
I have the non-diamond tech head with an aluminium handle. ~40g.

The Sportsman on Mr Razors website does not have a weight with it. Comparing it to the adjacent Canadian full nickel tech, and mine, to me, the Sportsman actually has an aluminium handle. It certainly looks very similar to my aluminium handled tech in tone and hue.

Great razors.
Ok, why do we call these Sportsman at all? Neither the emblem nor the material or weight can be identified based on Achims example.
In the meantime I found some photos of a French set, looking like mine. It came in a red flat squre box a transparent lid.
Maybe there is no story behind these Techs, Gillette just cobbled together what was at hand? Although I never ever saw a zamak cap brass handle combo.

As for the shave, it has reasonable heft and is easy to maneuver (like a Tuckaway), but it's too forgiving for my taste.

I think the heavy brass handle in this design is very uncommon. In combination with the brass head it is even more rare.

You are right that we don't know the weight of the original "Sportsman" and our kind of Tech should not be called so.
I found this neat all brass Tech several years back. It weighs in at a hefty 61.8 grams and has a Herringbone type pattern on the handle similar to the Aluminum "Sportman Tech". Also it has a non-diamond "Gillette" etching.

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