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Sport Coat and pants

I am looking for some advice/opinions about matching pants and a sport coat. I have a dark brown corduroy sport coat (very narrow wales), and I am curious as to what color pants you would match that up with? I have a pair of khakis that it looks good with, and I would like to match it up with some other color pants; however, I can't seem to picture it in my mind's eye. What say you?
If you already have the pants, just lay them out with the coat so that you see how they match. I think that just about any browns would go good with dark brown.
I have 2 pair of khakis (one a little darker than the other), and 2 pair of black pants (one for suit, the other dress slacks). The black and brown is not right, that much I do know. I have black and brown shoes.
Corduroy is very casual so I would say khaki and blue jeans would look great. I have a navy corduroy jacket and wear it with jeans all the time.


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If it is a 'warm' brown rather than a 'cool' brown, you may be able to do a dark red or rust pant with them. And regardless of colour, a nice moleskin pant would work well on the casual end of the spectrum, giving a different texture while maintaining the thick-n-warm theme of the corduroy jacket.
I love a sports-jacket/jeans combo- it can look as dressed-down or classy as you like but a corduroy jacket sends out a very particular message; post-grad/research fellow with jeans, professor with dress trousers. Khakis are about the middle ground, but if you want to go the whole "writer in residence" hog, get a pair of dark green moleskin trousers. If you like the khaki theme, a true-navy, linen, single-breasted jacket with 2 vents is very nice teamed with them. I've noticed a couple of different style-rules between The US and The UK- e.g. in The UK, only nouveau riches wear brown shoes with a navy jacket.