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🦃 🏈 🍻 🍗 SOTD "Thanksgiving/Black Friday Week” NOVEMBER 20th - November 26th, 2023 🦃 🏈 🍻 🍗

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Navaja Thiers Issard Inlay Sonnat 6/8 1196 pluma arrendajo , shaving soap Stirling Sandpiper , shaving brush Razorock 24 barrel , aftershave Geniol fuerte vintage .

Saturday, November 25, 2023.

Floïd oil pre shave. Los jabones de Joserra, Passion Incense: Saving soap, lotion & balm aftershave. Pablo Fuertes: Pomo (knob), shaving brush: Boti Two Band Badger Hair fan Knot 24 mm and Palmera 14 straight razor, in Lava flow kirinite handle & scales. Bentley, for men absolute, EdT.

Sunday SOTD

Razor: Henson Ti22 +++
Blade: Tomac Super Stainless Steel (D7)
Brush: Rubberset 200-4 w Maggard SHD 24mm
Georgetown G12 Hamada & Blue
Pre-Shave Scrub: PAA Iced Cube 2.0
Pre-Shave Balm: GroomingDept Eucalyptus & Spearmint
Shave Soap: Barrister & Mann Vespers
Butter: Saponificio Varesino Puro Burro di Karitè
Aftershave: Barrister & Mann Vespers
Sun 26
Soap & Aftershave Stirling Boat Drinks
Brush Yaqi 24mm Mojito
Razor & Blade Gillette Goodwill + Gillette Platinum #2
Lovely lather whip-up by the lovely brush. Soap & matching splash smells wonderful!
Gillette got it right many years ago with DE razors and this vintage Goodwill is no exception. Paired with the blade, the combination provided an excellent smooth shave!
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SOTD: 26th November 2023.


Shaving Recipe for today.

Prep: Warm shower:/Nivea Men Power 24H Fresh Effect Shower Gel.

Cold wet flannel to my face & head.
Simple Pure Bar Soap.
Brush: Wilkinson Sword Synthetic.
Face Lather.
Blade: Lord Silver Star. (D2)
Lather: Chinese Cologne shaving soap.
Razor: Merkur 34C.

Cold water face wash with brush squeezing's, Cold Water Face Rinse. /Homemade (~Autumn/Winter mix~) peppermint lavender, eucalyptus, + Tea Tree essential Oils Mixed Together With 200ml of Care+Witch Hazel./Aloe Vera Cooling Gel./ Lucky Tiger Aftershave & Face Tonic.


Sunday morning shave...

It's been some time since I last used the The Chinese cologne soap which always provided me with a wonderful protective slick lather for the shave and excellent post shave feel.

Finishing the shave off a with a generous splash of Lucky Tiger Aftershave & Face Tonic.

My face is feeling super smooth & smelling divine.;)

Keep safe and enjoy your Sunday ladies & gentlemen.:cool:


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1) Germany: Pre-Shave Nivea For Men Cool Kick Arctic Freeze wash and shave gel.
2) Great Britain: Brush Simpson Trafalgar T3.
3) Germany: Shaving Cream Nivea Men Sensitive Shaving Cream.
4) Germany: Razor Merkur 34C.
5) Egypt: Razor Blade Big Ben Super Stainless.
6) France: Alum Block Osma.
7) Poland: Aftershave Lotion Nivea Men 2 Phase Aftershave Lotion.
8) Germany: Aftershave Splash Nivea Men Deep Aftershave Splash.
9) USA: Lather Bowl Captain’s Choice Copper Lather Bowl.
10) Australia: Deodorant Nivea Men Sensitive Protect.
A SOD.jpg

Face wash with Cera Ve Hydrating Facial Cleanser
Martin de Candre
2023 Contributors’ Brush
Captain’s Choice Copper
RR Stealth Slant
Personna LB
Thayers WH & Duke Cannon ASB
Jimmy Choo, Man Intense
Using the next razor in my rotation: the RR Stealth Slant. I loaded the razor with a Personna Lab blade. The result was a smooth, close, and comfortable shave. Today’s brush is a 2023 Contributors’ brush by Paladin. Another excellent Paladin brush. The brush felt great on my face and head. The MdC soap is on its 296th use. The soap is on its end run and I don’t know if it will reach shave 300. Have a great day and week, folks.


Razor - Lambda Ares V2
Blade - Gillette Perma Sharp
Brush - Wald Shaving Calyx
Soap - Elysian Soaps Olympus

The Lambda Ares shaves as good as it looks. The Greek column handle is unique and functional. Both the Ares and Athena razors use a very effective lather channeling system that is on the sides of the razor head. Just rinse it with water on the side and it clears the channels with ease. Close shave and goes to show one doesn’t need a thick coarse beard to use an open comb razor. Did the job just fine with one day’s growth. The Calyx brush, which comes with a 27mm synthetic knot instead of the usual 29mm Wald normally uses, manages to remain just as soft as the larger knot and still have good backbone. Olympus has a strong scent profile and did a good job cushioning. Having a matching splash and balm are a plus.
Preshave: Hims High Tide Hydrating Cleanser /Cremo Coconut-Mango Shave Cream
Razor: Gillette Short Comb New
Blade: Silver Star Super Stainless
Brush: DS Cosmetic Ken Surfs 2020 Limited Edition 2-band
Soap: C.O. Bigelow Premium Shave Cream
Aftershave: Lucky Tiger After Shave & Face Tonic /Alum
Balm: Nancy Boy Replenishing After-Shave Gel
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