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SOTD Tabula Gratulatoria - March 2012

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Normally I'd like to kick off this thread with a selection of my favorites. Unfortunately, mahogony row at work has decided to put in a web filter. Long story short, I can't see the wonderful SOTD shots from work. So I am a few days late getting this one together. A few of the many which caught my eye follow.

During this themed week we would like to see, in your always stunning shots, all the wet shaving novelties you own and enjoy using. With novelties we intend brand new items (brushes, razors, soaps/creams, aftershaves, colognes, etc.) that have been recently introduced on the market and, also, traditional stuff that has been lately reformulated. Please proceed! :wink2:


Punktal Solingen Vintage Razor
with Punktal Vintage Blade
Kent BK 2 Silvertip
Scottish Fine Soaps RS
4711 Portugal AS

Have a nice day! :001_smile


GFT Limes SC - Semogue 830 - Clements Extra Quality - Blue Stratos


I got the Clements back today from a knife sharpener who is looking to get into straight razors and honing them. He did a pretty good job too, at what I think is only his second razor.


Wacker // H.LThäter // Shave Cream San James Of London // Thayers // Aqua Velva

Pre-Shave: Hot shower
Brush: Semogue 750
Razor: 5/8 Puma
Strop: 40/60 Neil Miller Linen/English Bridle
Soap/Cream: RazoRock XXX
After shave: Str8fencer's Rhòmme
Results: Honed this this one for a newbie having some problems, it took a quite nice edge, just lacking a little bit on the comfort side to my liking so I'll give it a little more work to tune that in, but nice and sharp, gave me my first cut in months :tongue_sm a nice little slice on the chin.


  • Pre: Lather massaged into whiskers
  • Shaving Soap: Martin De Candre
  • Shaving Brush: Thäter SRP 2011
  • Razor: 13/16 Globusmen
  • Strop: Illinois #827, Kanayama
  • Honing: Finished on a Ozuky Asagi, with my new and improved finishing stroke. :)
  • Scuttle: SWK XL
  • Post: Aqua Velva

By blix72 at 2012-03-05

A bit narcissistic today.... :smile:

That poor Globusmen have seen a lot of water and hones the last 10 days, it's due for a little Autosol cleanup. :smile:

Maxterpiece: 6/8 Wade & Butcher "For Barbers Use" 1/2 Hollow Ground, Square Point, (Tigerstripe Scales + Moon Glow Wedge)
Imperial Shave Pegasus III Strop
Rooney 3/1 Silvertip
Penhaligon's English Fern Soap
Cold Water Rinse
Proraso Splash
Penhaligon's English Fern EdT


Tuesday, 6.III.2012

Vitos Predopobarba
Semogue ABB Pure Badger
Martin de Candre
Gillette Brit. Tech Ball-End
Super Iridium
Thayers Witch Hazel Lemon
Institut Karité ASB
Williams Aqua Velva


German Golf Vintage Razor
with Red Personna (1)
Cerrus Badger Brush
Old Spice SC
Old Spice AS

Have a nice day! :001_smile



King Louis Lavender Soap.Duke 3, Best.EJ DE89 w/Polsilver blade.King Louis AS.Patou Pour Homme Prive edt.

Good Morning Everyone!

Semogue 2011 LE FBadger 1 (#79) | Merkur HD w/ RedIP | KOS Alpha Oil | AOS SS : Lemon | Nivea Replenishing ASB

I really do hope you all had a great shave just as I did!


Just wanted to mention I've owned the Semogue 11 LE FBadger 1 for about 3 months and I have to say its one of the brushes I can't live without now. At first it was bit scritchy but it has vastly improved since then. It's like my shavemac D-01 Three Band but with a much denser knot with some scritch. It is fully broken in and is soft enough to enjoy a lot more shaves. Anyways my fellow B&B Friends I hope you all have a wonderful day!


Japanese Rice Bowl
Vie-Long 14831M, horsie
Gillette Fat Handled Tech with Derby Extra (28)

TOBS Avocado Shaving Cream
Myrsol Agua de Limón
Ferrari Red EDT

I don't know what is happening, but this blade refuse to give up.
Ttoday was the 28th shave with it, and a comfortable DFS as well - go figure :confused1

Have a nice day, Gentlemen :001_smile


Merkur Futur 700
Punktal Vintage Blade (1)
Simpsons Duke 3
Mama Bear`s Dragon Blood
TÜFF unscented Herbal AS
Kölnisch Wasser EdC
Have a nice day! :001_smile


TGIF Tomorrow!

Semogue 830| Merkur HD w/ Red IP | Proraso Crema Pre E Dopo Barba | Jabonman Evo Line: Violetas| La Toja Manantiales After Shave Balsamo

Happy shaving to you all as I had a great shave this morning! In this picture I opened the blinds and there was a rainbow as you can see in this pic. I did not have the heart to ruin this pic with a border b/c I wanted it to be natural although I adjusted the contrast a little. Have a great day my friends


GFT Limes - Semogue 610 - Clements Perfection - Floid Suave


Thursday, 8.III.2012

Vitos Predopobarba
Semogue 1550 wooden handle
Kappus Aloe
Gillette Brit. Tech Ball-End
Super Iridium
Thayers Witch Hazel Lemon
Proraso Crema Liquida


Limited time tonight as I am going away for a week after work tomorrow. Things to do! Will have my laptop with me so I will still be viewing and commenting when I get the chance. Another day of supreme shots by all, gentlemen. Congratulations everybody!!!!:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
Prep: |Hot Shower / Very Hot Water Soak /Shave Gel left on during shower / Extra Virgin Olive Oil Rub
Razor: |5/8 Boker 'King Cutter', the first real straight razor I ever bought, ruined learning how to strop
Hones: |Full re-hone from bevel to finished edge, 1k,4/8k, 12k, Diamond, CrOx, Clean felt, leather
Brush: |24mm Silvertip in American Ash
Uber: |Tabac
AS: |Alum Block + Gillette Sensitive Skin
Edc: |English Leather
Result: |I haven't used this razor in almost a year. I had pretty much ruined the edge learning to strop properly. The last time I used it prior to this, it was absolutely horrible. I decided last night to learn to do a rolling X, as this razor has a slight bow to it which had always kept me from attempting to rescue it myself. I bought it from SRD and had a cert. for a free re-hone if I wanted it, but I always had it in the back of my mind to learn to hone it properly. Today was the best shave I have had off it since I got it fresh from Lynn's hones. DFS in 2 passes

View attachment 227355

Have a great Saturday!


Can't beat a well honed straight. Congratulations, Mike, on this excellent shave. Great feeling when it all goes according to plan.:001_smile

RAZOR: Mastro Livi 6/8 Regrind w/Pau Violeto Scales
BRUSH: Merkur Futur Silvertip Badger
SOAP/CREAM: La Toja Manantiales Shaving Soap
AFTER SHAVE: Floid Suave After Shave Lotion
COLOGNE: Penholigon's Quercus




What a gorgeous pic, Chris! Love the colour splash. Brilliant!!:thumbup1:
Good morning friends!

PREP: Floïd Sandolor Pre Shave Gel
BRUSH: 23 mm Shavemac, Finest Badger ("Gut-rasiert" forum shaving brush 2011)
SOAP/CREAM: Mama Bear's Caribbean Glycerin Shave Soap
SCUTTLE / BOWL: Fitjar Lathering Up Shaving Bowl
RAZOR: 6/8" HartSteel BG, Satin, Quarter Ground, Square Point, O-1 steel (w/ blue silicon scales)
STROP: Kanayama Cordovan #60000
SHAVE: 2 passes, WTG/XTG
AS: Acqua Di Parma Collezione After Shave Balm
RESULT: Excellent, BBS shave


Have a nice week,

A great way to start a Sunday, Bela. Very nice shave and pic!:thumbup1:

D.A.D. - Monster Philosophy

Bukhave Scuttle
Restored Rubberset 2-band
Gillette Fat Handled Tech with Derby Extra (33)

Nanny's Lemony Lime Shaving Soap
Myrsol Agua De Limón
Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet EDT

Have a nice and relaxing Sunday, Gentlemen :001_smile


This must have been a consolation shave, Soren!:001_huh: And this surely made up for yesterday's defeat:thumbup1:
I PIF'ed my Third Eye to my best friends brother along with a razor a M&F brush because with two kids he couldn't afford anything. I've been meaning to get the two new scents but haven't got around to it. Razorock soaps my favorite soft soaps and have been for a while now.

- Veleiro Pre-Shave Soap
- Proraso Crema Pre & Dopo Barba
- Czech & Speake 88 Shaving Soap
- Semogue Owners Club 2-Band
- Gillette Red Tip with Polsilver (4)
- Swiss Pitralon
- The Handmade Soap Company After Shave Soothing Cream


This morning:

- Veleiro Pre-Shave Soap
- Proraso Crema Pre & Dopo Barba
- Golddachs Sandelholz Shaving Soap
- Semogue 830
- Gillette Red Tip with Polsilver (5)
- Tüff herb Rasierwasser
- The Handmade Soap Company After Shave Soothing Cream


Not one, but two magical pics! Love them both.:001_smile
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