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SOTD Monday July 17 - Sunday July 23

Trumper's Warwick Handled Chrome DE with Wilkinso Blade
Vulfix 2235 Silvertip
Tyrwhitt's Lemon and Cedar Cream
Alum Block
Tyrwhitt's Lemon and Cedar ASB
Trumper's Sandalwood Cologne

I'd never noticed it until today but Trumper's Sandalwood Cologne has a strong smell of prunes when first applied.

Merkur Slant/Derby Extra
Vulfix #18
C&E Nomad Soap
Proraso A/S Splash
Trumpers Limes Skinfood
Pashana Blue Orchid Lotion for Hair

Pecksniff's Citrus Cologne

washed w/ Aleppo soap
Weleda cold cream om my wet face
Tabac soap
Plisson EW # 12
Merkur LH w/ Gillette super silver blade
Tabac splash
Tabac balm
Edwin Jagger best badger
Dovo straight razor
JM Fraser shaving cream
St-Ives Intensive Relief moisturizer
Pinaud Bay Rum aftershave

a fabulous shave, just like going to the barbershop! :smile: :smile:

Nancy Boy Signature Scent Soap
Nancy Boy Shampoo & Conditioner

Nancy Boy Facewash
Nancy Boy Shave Cream
Merkur Vision
Shavemac 23mm Silvertip
Thayer's Rose Witch Hazel
Zirh "Soothe" ASB
Dolce & Gabbana EDT
Merkur HD
Derby Extra
Simpson's PJ3
Provence Sante Soap
Thayer's Lavender
Proraso Post
Trumper's Coral Skin Food
SCS Sandalwood EDT

Dr. Bronner's Peppermint for face wash

Merkur HD w/ brand new Derby Extra
Taylor's Avocado
Alum Bar
Thayer's Rose WH
Trumper's Skin Food on the neck.

Very Very smooth. Probably two spots that keep it from qualifying for BBS.
Minor neck irritation which seems to usually accompany a brand new Derby.
40's Gillette Rocket w/Merkur
Vulfix 2235
Trumper's Limes Cream
Thayer's Rose WH
Floris Santal ASB
MPG Santal Noble EDT
Shower: C&E Nomad body wash, Baxters shampoo, Nancy Boy conditioner and face wash

Merkur Progress with Derby Extra blade
Penhaligon's Endymion cream
D.R. Harris Aftershaving Milk

Penhaligon's Endymion EdT

Endymion is a great scent, but too heady for the sweltering summer. Back on the shelf it goes until Fall.
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Merkur HD w/ Derby Extra
V 2234
Proraso Green Tube
Thayer's Lemon
Proraso Pre/Post

I'm think I want a Proraso T-shirt....

Gillette adj. razor
T&H brush
Mama Bear's English Leather shave soap
Penhaligons Douro EDT

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Merkur HD w/ Derby
Vulfix 403
Honeybee Spa Oceania soap
Thayer's Lavender
C&E Nomad ASB

Saint Charles Shave Blend 2-11 EDT
No shave today for me...

I took a glycolic acid treatment today, using a brush and the liquid 50% strong that kinda eats aways thru all the junk on your face.

-EDT Ralph Lauren Romance

Top Notes
Pistacio Leaves, Iced Lavender, Mandarin Peel

Middle Notes
Fresh Wood of Wacapou, Indian Basil, Wild Tiger Lily.

Base Notes
Bristle Cone Pine, Sheer Vetiver blend, Clean Musk


Stjynnkii membörd dummpsjterd
Willi G. #7 (so thin it's almost transparent:frown: )
Bakelite injector w/Schick
DaVinci H2O
Proraso splash
Coral skin food

This particular injector is just not working for me. :frown: Look for it to appear as a giveaway soon.

Of course, five minutes after I finished shaving, the mailman shows up with a new straight.:mad:
Claus Porto "Lelite" Orange Amber Soap, American Crew Shampoo & Conditioner

Zirh Clean Facewash
Pacific Shaving Oil
Gillette Long Handle Adjustable
Derby Blade
Shavemac 23mm Silvertip
Taylor's Lemon & Lime Cream
Thayer's Peach Witch Hazel
Nancy Boy A/S Balm
Brave Soldier Solar Shield

Santa Maria Novella Orange Blossom Cologne
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