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Sorry I haven’t been on here. Internet problems.

Good morning all.

Sorry I haven’t been on here recently. I’ve been having issues with my internet provider so I was offline for a couple of days. Service is back to normal now. I’ve been using my Gillette Fusion razor during then so you lot don’t miss out! My next shave will be with my freshly refurbished Gillette Slim razor with a Derby blade (haven’t tried that blade yet)

Can’t have my followers missing me!



Lounging On The Isle Of Tugsley.
Welcome back!

Would rather you have used your Merkur 39C Sledgehammer, Schick Injector, Gillette Slim, or Gillette Guard so your skin wouldn’t miss out if those were viable options.
Rest assured that now normal service has been resumed, I’ll make it up to you lot with a detailed review of the Gillette Slim with the Derby blade when my beard grows back.

Can’t disappoint my followers!

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