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Sooo which brush DO I have? T'was my Pa's.

Ok... it's a toss up at present between being a Super or a Silver Tip. If I look at the hairs it is cream at the bottom, black band and cream at top...but within the brush the cream color top portion of the brush does not go down towards the handle very far...but I would say that the brush tip is fairly soft.

Would a local barber be able to tell if it is a super or silver tip????

The handle is weighted chrome and black polymer . 22mm ring and 110mm tall...loft is about 55 bulb shaped.

Any particular place I can take it to get this mystery solved?

Thanks from the Newbie Doug:drool:
Probably more, I'd say.

Bergy, you're in the right place, but a picture would get you a lot more in the way of helpful information about the identification of your brush, I would think. They are easy to upload.
OK here are some images of my brush. Hopefully these will be good enough, as my battery just died. $brush 1.jpg$brush 2.jpg$brush 5.jpg$brush 3.jpg


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It has been a LONG time since I was in Halifax. I was a very young US Marine and it certainly reminded me of my home in Tacoma, WA. I loved the historical museum that was present when I was there in 1969 or 1970.

Hope these pictures are good enough.

Whatever it is, that brush is classy. I like that stand a lot, too. Hopefully someone with the right knowledge will chime in and help out with an ID.

Halifax sure is pretty. I wish I could have seen it in '69 but alas my birthing took place in the depraved mid-eighties. (!) . . . I've only been here for about a year now. The city was extra gorgeous tonight with its Canada Day fireworks lighting up the sky. It's a good place to be. :)

I'm actually from closer to your neighborhood; just across the Juan de Fuca strait, on Vancouver Island (Victoria). I used to love taking the Ferry over to Seattle for a day or two of exploration, though I think I've only been to Tacoma the once.

I should really spend some time exploring the state.
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