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Some Questions For Injector Enthusiasts

Any opinions on how Gillette's Platinum Plus injector blades stack up to the best vintage Schick Injector Plus Platinum blades? Will the Gillette's work just as well in a Schick razor? My first injector should arrive in a few days and it's time to do a little blade shopping.
injector blades are standart, currently theres german schicks, US shicks, ASR and Ted Pella, rumor has it that the ASR´s are rebadged Ted Pella, i only have german shick/wilkinson on hand here in spain, they are quite decent blades, im also supposed to recived a 20 blade loader froma dutch shop, untill i examin the casing and the blades, i wont be able to give an estimate on quality and origin of blades, havent had the pleasure to test gillette blades, but i think they are NOS,

just remember the basic of injectors

alot of injector models have a switch or handle on the upper handle to open the blade compartment incase you need to remove the blade, but not all of them,

theres a video by mantic showing how to load the blade, hold the razor with the blade compartment looking towards you, handle downards, hold it looking at where the blade should go, inserv the "key", which is the part that points out from the cartrige in to the rigth side of the injector razor head, pull back the loading handle if its not allready pulled back (its recomended to leave it in the front position so it dosnt push a blade out by mistake), CHECK IF A BLADE IS ALLREADY LOADED in the injector, if a bloade if allready loaded, make sure you do this over a surface where the blade can be easly found or wont fall somewhere hard to reach, check that the cartrige is allinged, and push the blade in, it might look hard at first, especialy if theres an old blade or a blade hasent been loaded for a while,

one loaded, remember that the blade has to be straight and sitting on the 2 bumps in the base, lather up your face, and make sure you put it flat on your skin like a gem, dont play with the angle, flat on the face, enjoy your shave,
The Schick injectors are great and with good blades, will be second to none. All the blades from all different brands fit all injector razors, with the exception of the twin edge injector blades, that would only go with the more modern razors (1960's and later). Stay away from the old Personna and PAL types. The stainless steel with the platinum and Chromium edge are all great. So are some of the non-stainless steel (mainly the Krona type) that were marketed in the 1950's.
Love my Injectors! As an aid to your shopping, here are a couple quick links where you can get Schick and Personna (under their various guises such as CVS and Ted Pella) blades at reasonable prices:


Hocks Pharmacy - best price I've found for the German Schicks


Atlanta Barber and Beauty Supply - 12x20 blades

Atlanta Barber and Beauty Supply - 1x20 blades Personna name on the pack

Ted Pella packs of 20 blades (I think theres a minimum purchase, maybe ten packs?)

CVS packs of 11 blades

Folks differ on which they prefer, but these are some reasonably priced sources. I just gave one link for the German Schicks, since it was the least expensive I can find, but there are some others nearly as inexpensive. Happy shopping! :biggrin:
i actually ordered a loader with 20 blades, it was marked as no brand, in the end the box has a ted pella inventory sticker on it, meaning i paid 11 euros for a $5 pack of ted pellas

if the personna injector blades are anything like their US made DE blades, i would advice against using them,