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FS Some nice Gilletes

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1. Gillette Aristocrat Jr., 1947, superb condition, mech. solid, beautiful $40
2. Gillette Blue Tip Super speed B2 1956, very nice cond., mech. solid $25
3. Gillette Aristocrat Jr., (Milord) 1947, decent condition, gold worn on doors, but Collar piece inside is broken so the TTO knob pulls out. $10
4. Old chrome plated case re-done inside $7
5. Old nickel plated case w/ 2 blade banks, re-done inside $10
6. Gillette Travel Tech K4 $5
7. Gillette Super Speed X4 1952 aluminum collar, nice cond., some flea bites on collar, mech. good shiny overall, beautiful doors, $15
8. Gillette Diplomat A2 1955, nice condition, mint handle, doors nice, slight wearing of gold on doors and center bar, case good, missing plastic on inside, razor mech., solid $110
9. Gillette TV special case only $5
10. Gillette Parat English made, nice cond., mech solid $30
11. Gillette Super Speed Y2 1953, shiny minty condition, mech. solid $25
13. Gillette English Flare Tip Rocket, minty condition, S on underside of head, mech. solid. $30
13. Gillette Flare Tip Super Speed TV Special D1 1958 nice cond., mech. solid $20
14. Gillette Super Speed Black Tip W4 1951, shiny and mech. good except for slight binding in TTO on closing, TTO knob screw is rusty, the case is heavily crazed $20
15. Gillette Super Speed no date code, notched bar, excellent condition, nice case $30
16. Hinged nickel case inside re-done nice, $7
17. Gillette case only for a Slim $5

SHIPPING $4 in US first item, $1 each add. item.

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