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soft Italian soaps melting!

So, I spend a lot of my time in an area of the world where the temperature rarely drops below 23c. A couple weeks ago, it was over 40c everyday in the shade without wind chill (I know that sounds funny as with wind chill figured in it was well over 50c), down to 27c at night and was declared the warmest place on earth for that week.

I keep my a/c set between 27c-30c, any lower and I have to pay a small fortune.

Anyway, I noticed that all my Italian soft soaps are melting, turning pretty much into creams. 3 different brands, all reacting pretty much the same.

I love Italian soft soaps, and to be honest they still preform exactly the same but my loading technique had to change. I used to load/lather right on the soap in the jar, then finish by face lathering, very similar to the "Marco" technique so many on here use.

Now with the soaps melting, the brush just rips right into the soap if i try to load it that way. So now I scoop out a bit of soap and build lather in a small bowl. This is fine really, just changes my routine and the soaps perform fantastic as always.

So finally to my question (sorry for the long post). I've heard of people storing blocks of Cella, old P160, TFS, etc., in the fridge when they are not being used to preserve them. Has anyone stored individual jars of Italian soft soaps in the fridge, and has anyone used them while cold?

Thanks in advance for your time and responses.

I ordered a tub of British cream during hot weather. It was runny when it arrived and at room temperature it never solidified. The only thinhg that helped the consistancy was to keep it in the refrigerator. I have gotten it out and lathered with it cold and it semed fine. I would do the same thing with your soaps.
I have to think that refrigerating the soaps with also give you a really refreshing cold shave in that weather!
With those kind of temperatures, I would be using soaps 100%. Creams can easily turn rancid when left in the heat.
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