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Socks ... what are you wearing

Just stepped up my sock draw and put some Wigwams in .
Really nice socks . Wigwam makes alot of different types of socks. I got one pair called the Wolf

Looking to start treating my feet better. I use a few different types of footwear as well mostly all terrain trail type sneakers and work boots mostly .
Not really interested in dress shoe socks but if you have great socks dress or casual bring it here and let us know.

I used to exclusively wear ThorLos when i taught tennis back in the day, and they saved my feet and back.I m running a lot and have been using champion duodry low cut and they seem ok nothing great

Now i need to get some new tubes and need some advice, so what are you wearing for work casual and play?
Mark's Work Warehouse...Below Zero socks....great winter socks...will be 28 below tonight ( live in Canada) and I wear these in the winter. About $ 23 CAD per three pair.

In the spring, summer and fall I wear Tilley's socks...come with a 3 year non wear out, guarantee....excellent quality. Expensive though...about $ 20 CAD per pair. But you get what you pay for.

Both Canadian socks.

Never get tubes.....I like socks in the form of ...socks.

Cheap socks are no bargain, I've found to my dismay...uncomfortable, ill fitting and rapid wear out.
Oooohohohoho, think I won't pay this thread a visit, do you? Wrong!

Today I went skiing for a short while, and I wore - and I'm still wearing - two layers of WOOL. What else is there? Woolpower 200's with my old army, thick, grey wool socks on the outside.

I also got a pair of the merino wool comfort hikers from wigwam that are really nice. Basically they were so nice that i think they got me a sock addiction.
For work, I am still wearing the OTC wool dress socks that I got from Jos A Bank. They are not as comfortable as Viccel, but they seem to be more durable.

For casual socks, I am currently trying out a couple of brands, Falke and Pantherella; both are excellent socks. I also have a couple pair of Corgi socks on the way.
+1 for SmartWool. I regularly wear their cycling socks and have yet to find a better, more durable pair of wool socks for such a reasonable price.

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I like to always wear argyle socks with all my attire (except of course in tennies), :laugh:

I have 16 Wrightsocks and cannot seem to locate a single left sock. I am sure the dryer has something to do with it. :laugh:

At the moment I'm wearing some Dickies work socks. I have 3 pair and wear them frequently.

My favorite socks are my Smartwool Med hikers. Unfortunately, they cost about $15, so I only have one pair.
Thorlo makes socks for everything. I have their hiking socks in wool blend and also full-on polyester. I have relatives who are nurses who are on their feet all day who count on Thorlos to keep their feet happy. The combination of poly/wool Thorlos and New Balance trainers keeps my feet dry and warm in wet and cold places.

Smartwool and Wigwam make good product too.

If you know what to look for, you can find high-wicking work socks at big-box department stores. They are much cheaper, but not quite as effective as the above brands.
White Nike socks I wear them daily and wear dress socks only on Sundays. Being in TX I wear boots 90% of the time.
White Nike socks I wear them daily and wear dress socks only on Sundays. Being in TX I wear boots 90% of the time.

I am liking Costco's dress socks these days. Costco does not always have ones I like as to type or "fabric." Before that I was really liking the Gold Toe socks Costco carried, although I like the composition of some off them better than others, too.

If I thought I could get really excellent socks somewhere else that were substantially better for any reason I would pay more. But these seem to look right and stay up, etc., so what is all that much better. I have paid relatively big bucks for socks, only to have the droop down quickly. I suppose I could hand wash them or something, but who wants to have to undertake the effort, if there are socks that look fine to me that take a beating and come up looking pretty good from a regular wash and dryer!
Most of my dress socks are Lacosse or Sears Golden Bear line that I picked up one time on clearance when a Sears store was closings I got 30 pair in black, brown, blue, gray and 2 pair of dress white. I am down to the last of them after almost 25 years.


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For casual wear in the cold months Smartwool is about all I wear. For dress FootJoy's have good cushion and wear like iron.
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