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Socks ... what are you wearing

Costco dress socks-most recently gold toe. For some reason while I enjoy good clothes and shoes, I just can see why I should spend more on socks-these are comfortable and wear well. Same is true for Kirkland underwear. My only "good socks" were gifts from my wife and seem to wear out fast!

Me, too. I buy whatever kind (that is whatever type of yarn they are made of) of Goldtoe socks in black and navy, and some times gray, Costco is selling at the time. I would really prefer a mix of wool and nylon, but the other compositions seem fine. I used to strong prefer over the calf socks so that they would stay up and these Costco Goldtoes are not over the calf. But they seem to stay up fine.

I cannot believe that Costco is selling real Goldtoes socks for as little as they are. I used to order Goldtoe socks on Amazon. I guess they are about all I have worn for decades. I have had some higher end, much more expensive socks, but they do not seem to wear well. In particular they start to fall down around my ankles. (Anyone around here but me actually wear sock garters from time to time? I have some socks, I suppose, that I like even though they droop down. Sock garters absolutely take care of that. I got them to wear with sheer nylon socks with a tux. Such sheer socks are a traditional thing with a tux and patent leather shoes, but they do not stay up at all without garters. But then I found that sock garters had some use in business wear. I do not wear them very often, but they are nice to wear when I need them.)
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