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FS Soaps and Creams, more than I need

It's been a long time since I posted on this forum, but I've decided to sell some of my excess items:
C&E Sweet Almond Cream, NIB $15, I have 3 and if you want all 3, $40.
C&E Sienna Cream, NIB $15, I have 1 to sell.
QED in 5oz containers -
Lavender, unopened for $15
Tobacco, about 50% left (I didn't touch the soap with a brush, rather removed half to make a stick) - $8
Luxury Lather, again about 50% with the rest used to make a stick - $8
QED in sticks, new and unused 2 oz.
Rosie $10
Luxury Lather $10
Tabac Shaving Soap Sticks, NIB - $11 or 2 for $20 (I have 2)

With the exception of the Tabac, I believe these are all no longer being manufactured and I am offering them for what I paid as near as I can remember. Cash offers of any kind welcome and I will combine shipping if you want more than one item once I figure out what it costs to ship. Single items $5 to ship as that appears to be the minimum for USPS first class packages. Thanks


Right now I am trying to get people who have expressed an interest to finalize their transactions. Several have said that want this or that, and some have purchased items, but for others its been radio silence - they are not checking their PMs or emails, I suppose. I still have 1 tabac stick that is not spoken for and I have the 2 C&E almond that one person wants and the lavender QED tub that another person wants. If I don't hear from people in the next day or so, I will be happy to sell whatever I have left. As for your question about luxury fragrance, I am not sure - this is one that sold.
Everything sold but the full QED Lavender and 2 Tabac sticks (as well as a Tabac stick refill I found) Several people have offered to buy these but have not followed through so they are available to anyone else who may be interested.
Damn. Wish I had seen earlier. Always wanted to try the C&E Almond Oil. About 10 yrs ago I worked near a C7E retail store and asked about it and was told that they get all kinds of requests for it. Made me wonder why they didn't bring it back.