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FS Ethos, GD, Mike's Soaps, Zenith Boar Brushes, Lots of Freebies

Here’s the first of many den downsizings.
Prices include shipping USPS to US addresses. International shipping will be additional.
Only payment accepted is PayPal Goods & Services.
Please reply via PM. I will reply in the order I receive inquiries through PM.

Zenith B14 boar brush. Aluminum handle, 28mm x 50mm. The loft is too short for my liking. $17

Zenith B17 boar brush. Dark stained wood handle, 24mm x 48mm. Loft is shorter than I like. $14

All soaps have been brush-loaded off the pucks.
Grooming Dept. Laundry II, w/ tallow. Approx. 50% remaining. $10
Grooming Dept. Soap, w/ tallow. Approx. 60% remaining. $10
Ethos Greenfresh, original formulation, w/ tallow. 7.5 oz. jar. Approx. 70% remaining. $25
Mike’s Barber Shop in metal tin, w/ tallow. Approx. 50% remaining. $12
Mike’s Orange, Cedarwood & Black Pepper in metal tin, w/ tallow. Approx. 50% remaining. $12

Buy any item & pick one item from the free list. Buy 2 - get 2 free; 3 & get 3 free.
Add $4 postage for first free item to cover additional postage.
Aftershaves will only ship to USA addresses.
Free items:
Clubman Vanilla aftershave, ⅓ remaining
Clubman Musk aftershave, 95% remaining
Proraso Green aftershave with extra menthol crystals added, ⅓ remaining
Bootleggers Green Freeze, approx 3 oz.
Clubman Lime Sec sample bottle, new
Zenith B30 boar brush, knot loose & spins in the handle
All soaps have been brush-loaded off the pucks.
Soaps are all used but have at least 75% remaining except the B&M Sandalwood & PAA 1776 which have approx. 50% remaining.


Free items to choose from:
Can the zenith knot be removed? Or is it locked in, but free to spin? also, which base are the Grooming Dept soaps?
Both Grooming Dept. soaps are the Kairos base.
The knot in the Zenith handle freely spins, but will need to be freed by cutting the handle. Here is a close-up.
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