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Soap Stick!

I don't usually post here, but I thought I would share...

Having learned how to melt and make my own shave stick using glycerin soap (VDH). I got to thinking about how a stick of bath soap could be useful as well. My wife and I camp a lot, sometimes at campgrounds with public showers. I almost always drop the soap in the shower, which results in a sandy, hairy mess I usually throw away. The shave stick got me to thinking that if/when I dropped the soap, all I would waste is the little bit sticking out of the end.

Well, my wife used a 40% off coupon for a 2lb. brick of glycerin soap at Micheal's craft store last night, I melted some, added some lemon and eucalyptus, and poured into a clean deodorant stick. I used it this morning, and it worked just fine. We now have a nice Soap Stick for travel...

Just thought I would share with the fine folk on this site!
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