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So, which blade should I go for? Shark in particular and other Amazon bulk.

Well, it has been a year and I'm out of blades. Not sure what I should go for. I used to have a bunch of Derby's. I remember liking Shark's (they had cool wrappers), but don't remember if they were Chrome's or the other ones. Regardless, I thought I'd see the opinion of those Sharks and just the easy to get bulk brands from Amazon. Thanks!
I've finally settled on Personnas Blue. Just got a 100 for 13 and change.
+1 for the bulk buy. A good go to all around for me. I personally found the couple of Sharks I tried to be either VERY aggressive, thus uncomfortable. OR poor quality and uncomfortable.
I have Gillette 7oclock, wilkinson swords, feathers and more that I get here and there but am super happy with the persona lab blues on Amazon
I had a hundred pack of Shark Super Chromes. They were all over the place for quality, but most were pretty unpleasant to use.

You can't go wrong with Personna Lab Blues or Astra Super Platinums. My favorites are the Lab Blues. Even quality, very sharp, and smooth enough. The Astras are also good quality. Not quite as sharp as the Blues, but a little smoother.
I have tried 2 Shark Super Chromes I hated the first one threw it out after one pass and finished with the feather with 6 shaves on it I took out of the razor. I gave one another shot last week and it seemed OK somewhere between a derby and an Astra. I really like feathers and Astras, but for the price I believe my first 100 pack will be Personna Lab Blues. I find them to be almost as sharp as feathers and smoother on the first shave plus they are made in the USA.
Regardless, I thought I'd see the opinion of those Sharks and just the easy to get bulk brands from Amazon. Thanks!

I was wanting the same kind of feed back. I got some crown blades in a subscription box, but wondered what others i should try. This just happened to be at the top of the forums list as i'm quiet sure this isn't the first thread of its kind.
Definitely not the first of its kind! But a lot of bad feedback on the Sharks, but maybbeee the recent ones are bad? I might go Personna or Astra. I saw Dorco for super cheap...but super cheap often means super bad. So I'm probably skipping that.
Blades that have shaved similarly to Shark for me have been Personna lab blue (Comfort Coated) and Dorco ST301. Of those, the Personna ones hold an edge longer and are a bit smoother, and so IMO provide a better value.


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My experience with Sharks is likely out of date - but I found both to be pretty good blades. Sure didn't notice a wide variation in the shaves. I've a rather heavy beard, not too sensitive skin, and milder aka Derby don't cut it hear ..My go to when doing the DE has been Feather for a while, having tried the Labs, Meds, Polsilvers, and other such flavours of the day over several years. The Sharks are number Duo, besting all but Feather. Guess if you are searching you should try a bunch of current production, but how one ensure's the date is for another rabbit's hole I think. Given a brick of Sharks goes for about $11 USD hard to see why not try ..
Thanks for the good words. Interesting you mention the Dorcos, since I can get a 100 pack for about seven bucks. If they arent horrible it might be worth a shot with those. Feathers I have tried and they weren't for me for whatever reason.
Shark Super Stainless from Amazon were my first bulk (100) order. I'm almost finished with that lot, and I've enjoyed them, but I don't think I'll order them again. It's hard to go wrong with Astra, consistently good shaves and very affordable from a variety of sources. I love Personna Blues as well, but to me they're more aggressive and maybe not to everyone's taste.
I only tried sharks because they came free with my Turkish shave bowl. In fact, recently, I've seen many items listed that include "free" shark blades. Maybe these blades that gave me such a poor experience (and my son who suffered unexpectedly when I changed blades in his razor without telling him) are from some production run that is not representative of what Sharks can be.

As far as Dorco goes. I've not used them but I bought my dad a Merkur razor in February and he has used maybe 3 Dorco blades since (possibly only 2). He is SO happy to be back to DE shaving (complete with soaps and brush) from the Fusion blades. He says the blades never seem to dull. He is shaving on average of 5 days a week with 2 passes per shave and clean ups getting DFS shaves every time.

The only Dorco blades I have are half blades for my shavette. I will say they are sharp and seem to hold an edge well. I don't use my shavette for full shaves but they perform well (maybe on the aggressive side).
Great deal from Amazon is Perma Sharp Super. A great Gillette Russia made blade at a good price. Supermax Titanium for under $10 per 100 are also a good deal from Amazon.
Surprised no one has mentioned the Personna Reds. Currently the only blade in my rotation, and I find them smoother than the blues, and also available for under $20 on Amazon.
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