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GIVEAWAY! Small PIF -- BIC Chrome Platinum

I’d like to give a little visibility to a somewhat dark horse blade that has been a favorite of mine for several years: BIC Chrome Platinum. If you’ve never tried them and like very sharp blades, send me a self-addressed, stamped envelope, and I’ll send you three tucks of five blades each. Just post “I’m in” here on the thread, and I will reply. I have 18 tucks, enough to send the first six who post interest.
Great PIF!
Best blade ever!! Practically all I've used for the last 9 months!

(Not in...I have thousands of them)
Shave#1 - Bic Chrome Platinum

Very nice shave, smooth and sharp and close, but with 2 weepers

Equipment: Merkur 20C, Bic Chrome Platinum, RR P.160 Soap

The Shave: Making the trying of the Bic Chrome Platinum a side quest since I'm in between blades for the Discovery Adventure PIF)! Each of the blades that I'm using for the Discovery Adventure have worked well, so the Bic is up against some stiff competition. RR P.160 provides a good lather base to showcase the blade's abilities. 1st shave and this blade felt sharp and smooth and fits right in with the other blades. So, today's Side Quest ended with a DFS+ shave, but a couple of weepers in the usually places.
Glad you got good results on the first run. I use pretty aggressive razors, and to me the blade is typically sharper/smoother on the 2nd and 3rd shaves, drops a little on the 4th, and drops more on the 5th (and then it's to the blade bank). Maybe riding the cap a tiny bit more in sensitive spots would minimize weepers?
Shave#2 & #3 - Bic Chrome Platinum

Shave #2 was rushed, but Shave #3 was very nice close shave, no weepers

Equipment: Merkur 20C, Bic Chrome Platinum (3), RR xXx

The Shave: Rushed Shave #2 so no report; but took my time with Shave #3, whipped up some thick RR xXx lather, and was rewarded with a very nice and close DFS+ shave. On the last pass it felt like the blade was starting to loose some of its edge. I will try to get one more shave out it.
Shave#4 - Bic Chrome Platinum

Shave #4 took a bit more effort, still nice, but lost some edge and gave me a few weepers

Equipment: Merkur 20C, Bic Chrome Platinum (4), Caties Bubbles Ocean Grove

The Shave: Today's shave needed a little more effort to get close, and I knew the blade had lost some sharpness. CB Ocean Grove provided a good lather base, and the shave itself was decent. A couple of spots that I needed to touch up resulted in weepers.

Overall Impression: for me, the Bic Chrome Platinum is a decent upper middle blade that I can get a couple of very good shaves from. My only other experience (that I remember) with Chrome Blades were the Shark Chrome which my face hated!! So the Bic Chrome Platinum Blades has changed my opinion for the good (still won't be using the Shark Chromes, though)

Thank you, @KRpdx, for the opportunity to try these blades.
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