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Skin Bracer. One full bottle GONE

Well it's been about 10 weeks of Skin Bracer - EVERY day. I bought it at Walmart at the beginning of March and have used it for every shave since then. This morning I just used the last of it and I must say I do really like it. I love the scent, the $4.87 price for 7 ounces is hard to beat and I like the way it leaves my skin feeling. It's a cool and refreshing sensation every time.

I'll pick up another bottle next time I'm there.

I too have been using Skin Bracer lately. My 5 ounce bottle is about 2/3 empty after about a month, and I already have a 7 ounce one in my cupboard, yes from Walmart. I can't mention anything else which the previous posters have. I favor it in the warm months. If you enjoy menthol and a minty sweet scent, you need to buy a bottle.
Skin Bracer is a great aftershave. I still have half a bottle right now, but was thinking about grabbing another this weekend.
It's funny how subjective scents can be. For me, Skin Bracer was a hard pass. When I went through my drug store aftershave phase where I was willing to try almost everything available, Skin Bracer didn't even make the first cut where I sniff the bottle and wet my fingertip with it enough to apply a little to the back of my hand. (Other cheap favorites that didn't make my 1st cut were Brut, Stetson and Old Spice.) If you dig it, it's cheap and readily available but cheap isn't enough reason for me to buy it. :001_cool:
I really tried to like it because it is an old school drug store splash, but the fragrance is just too sweet and cloying for me. A third of the time is was good, a third OK, and the other third the scent irritated me. I tried alternating it with AV, but gave up for good.
I've seen Barbasol Brisk at Dollar General, but my local grocery store brand of Brisk was cheaper, so I went with that. Is there much variation on these scents?
I've only tried SB and Barbasol's version of Brisk. Both are similar and I like them.
I've emptied several bottles of SB. I use the old bottles to refill with samples when I'm sending out PIFs of Avon or Bootleggers's.

SB is just one of the best. Of my entire collection of aftershaves, it's in the top 3. If you like SB, try mixing it 50/50 with Osage Rub! (Makes Bootlegger's Green Freeze) You'll love it for those hot summer days.
I've used Skin Bracer for over 30 years. Most of those years it was the only AS I used. Then the B&B invaded my mind and well you know the rest. However, I will still go a couple weeks in a row just using SB every day. I have a bottle of Barbasol Brisk that's close in scent and feel, but IMO not the same zing.
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