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Simpson's Wee Scot

After a few months of debating on buying a Wee Scot, I finally bought one. This was in today's mail! I have seen many pics of the Wee Scot next to other brushes and razors for size reference, but nothing really prepared me for this! This thing is small! I am really excited about tonight's shave!

The attached pic is next to my reknotted vintage Caswell Massey.
I hope you enjoy the tiny speedster....certainly a new experience and one that I hope grabs you. My Wee is still an integral part of my rotation.

Now that CADE soap is discontinued I only use my remainign stock with the Wee to stretch that soap for as long as possible.
I just bought one from fellow B and B'r Dalecooper 51 that lives near me. I have used it twice so far. This brush is awesome !!! Even though I am 6'5" , it works well for me. It lathers well and is very precise with wear the lather goes.
If you like this brush you should try the Vulfix 2273 Best Badger Travel brush it is amazing! It has a small handle of course but this little chap is top notch!
Welcome to the brotherhood!

Pardon my ignorance...
Which grade of badger hair does ther 'wee' use, looks silvertip to me in the pictures...
Last night was the second time I used my new Wee Scot. My home internet is down so I was discussing it on FB Mobile with a couple of B&B members last night.

This little brush whips up nice lather! I am able to make enough lather with it to do a 3 pass shave with touch-ups. As far as the size making it easier to apply lather only in the spots where you want it; I didn't notice. I get the same performance with all my brushes except for the largest. The best badger feels good on my face. Almost as good as a super-silver. The Wee Scot makes so much lather that I still have some in my mug after the shave and have to wash some down the drain anyway. On the first shave, it slipped out of my hand one time. No trouble last night. The small handle is actually quite easy to hold with the thumb, index finger, and the middle finger.

I could easily make this my primary brush. Gentlemen, the small size does not affect the performance as far as I can tell. I am extremely happy with my purchase. I told the guys last night that by only spending $40 on this brush, it is saving me money to spend later on for a Pils razor.:001_smile

I just got mine ($40) and find it very effective - surprising how much lather it holds!

No joke. Finally used mine for the first time tonight and it held enough for 3 passes. Really like the feel of it too - definitely is going to have a place in my rotation.
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