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Simpson commodore x3. Did I make a good choice?

Did some research on this brush but didn't come up with much. Ordered one from maggard razors once I got the back in stock update (had my eye on it for a awhile). Did I make a decent choice for the money, $80.00 shipped? Thanks in advance.
That sounds reasonable to me. The ultimate answer is whether or not you like the brush. If you really like the brush it's going to be well worth what you spent.
Oh yea. Pretty universal brush. Bowl or face lathering. Longer handle than most which might be the only thing you find fault with

I tried a Duke 2 before I bought the Commodore X3. If you are lucky with the knot/hairs I think this little gem is hard to beat for the money. Mine has SUPER soft tips, plenty backbone and what is best, it does wonders at creating lather and releasing it on your face. Amazing flow-through... I do however put a band around the knot while drying to keep the shape and add a little extra backbone as I face lather only. Enjoy!
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