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Show Us Your BICYCLE(S)!!!!

I'm a pretty avid biker, I try to get in at least 100 miles a week. Some times more, sometimes less. I do it for a few reasons;

1. Keeps me from getting to doughy
2. I can eat pretty much whatever I want.
3. Helps out with my lower back pain.

I find that when I'm not riding much that my lower back pain returns. I don't know if the riding stretches my back out or builds the muscle up around it. Aaanyway, I like the mountain bike more than the tri bike, although I ride both. Here's a couple pics;



And before you ask, yes I know the tri bike has no pedals. I switch the clipless ones back and forth.LOL

Let's see your bike (s)
while this isn't mine, it's the same model/color, but I changed out a bunch of components. i don't often take pics of my bike..

looking to add some 29s as winter project..
I also don't have a picture of all of my bikes, but I think I may have come across this one. This is my CX bike/daily winter commuter. I have a rear rack with panniers and fenders on it right now as the weather has changed. I also have a Cannondale CAAD8 road bike, an Eighthinch Scrambler V.2 track bike, and a 24" Haro Cruiser. I ride no less than 100 miles a week, and have stopped using my vehicle almost all together (I drive to church on Sunday and there is a day here and there that I wake up late or need to go somewhere in real clothes.) Now I ride to work, the grocery store, and everywhere in between. I have seriously never felt better!

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Rockminer, I haven't seen a Q'Roo in a while! Nice looking bike, with the ol'skool shimano wheels to match.

I ride to work everyday and drive as little as possible. I have to find some pics, but my current stable consists of

Orbea Mitis Carbon road, full Campy gruppo, Mavic Ksyrium SL wheels (Campy Ventos wheels second set)
Orbea Box1 DH full suspended down hill, Marzocchi Z1 FR1 150mm fork, Fox VanillaR coil over rear. (Currently torn down)
'86 miyata Pista, full NJS stamped gruppo, been stolen and returned once
Single Speed MTB, spare parts build, vintage Marin steel frame, Marzocchi air fork, shimano XT levers, vintage Ti rear Avid V-Brakes, avid BB7 front, custom wheels by me, stylo SS cranks.
'54 schwinn world traveller, I'm the second owner.
Custom built vintage XTR 8sp equipped, specialized frame, Cane Creek WAM rear wheel, hand built XTR front wheel, easton carbon bars/stem (the wifes bike)
Basic Electra beach cruiser (for the wife)
80's vintage Vitus frame to be built up for the wife with vintage Dura-Ace componants. Already have the seat post and headset, BB, and a few other items.
I have several other frame laying around, I managed a couple bike shops over the years so I have had a few. I used to specialize in high-end vintage race bikes as a collector and mechanic. Been selling off my collection for maybe five years now.

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global_dev; I have always liked cannondale's. The ultra carbon monoshock is a beautiful looking piece.

morganjg; Nice bike. What are some of the meathods you use to avoid theft, when you are out and about?

fast14riot; I bought both of those bikes new when they came out in the early 2000's. Had every intention to sell/trade up. I did a few triathlons then pretty much used the mountain bike from there out. I guess the QR is sort of a relic, well they both are. The specialized is roughly the same year. I was going to upgrade the frame, after I got a great deal on a fox vanilla fork. I sent it off to PUSH industries for a revalve and tune up. I ended up getting a Pushed fox rear shock and a set of juicy 7's. I work on and restore old cars so i had access to a paint booth. decided to paint the frame. It kinda grew on me and i decided to wait on the upgrade. Plus I play golf and that hobby takes cash as well.

Looking foward to any pics you can find. Sounds like you have some really nice bikes. I like vintage stuff a lot. Post whatever you can.
1987 Fuji Tiara beautiful "Cherry Web" paint... well now it's more of a pink..try to do at least 100 miles per week..
$race day 4-21-12 034.jpg
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Bah! I didn't need to see those Zipps! I got over wanting a set long ago...:)
morganjg; Nice bike. What are some of the meathods you use to avoid theft, when you are out and about?
I use a two fold method of protection. The first is a Kryptonite New York chain lock. It's basically a motor cycle disc rotor lock with a 10 pound chain and nylon sleeve attached. Using a rack bag in the fall through spring it's easy to throw in and not worry too much about the weight. The second, since the SKS Longboard fenders I use are so long in the front that I can't remove the wheel to sandwich between the frame and whatever I'm locking it to, is a 6 foot braided Kryptonite cable. That allows mt to route a second cable through the frame and around the front wheel for protection. If I'm hauling groceries with my cargo trailer, I will bring another cable to weave through that and into the frame. On my track bike I have a set of Master hand cuff locks. They mount where the bottle cage won't fit and easily attach to any post or pole I might be stopping of near.
i also have one of these sitting in my garage. I got in high school in 1993. A trek 9500, treks first dual suspension . i upgraded the elastomer to air/oil and put on some spinergy rims...

OK, enough pretty bikes. Seriously, I have owned my share of lightweight road bikes and a couple of mountain bike. But recently, my hands would go numb when riding them. I tried all kinds of padded grips and gloves, bar end, different stems and bars, etc. I finally got relief by taking all the weight and pressure off my hands. How? By switching to a recumbent. Here are my current bikes. The blue one is a Rans Fusion semi-recumbent. That's my short distance ride vehicle. It isn't fast, but it's comfy. The red one is a Tour Easy, a long-wheelbase recumbent that is quite fast, despite the way it looks.


This is my Merida MATTS SUB-40. A little, sturdy and reliable workhorse that has taken me on long routes and some nice climbs. Sadly, it stays in the village. In Barcelona, I use the public bike system, which is pretty much crap. And since next year it's going up to 116€/years, I guess it will be time for a little investment.
My TREK that I purchased in 2011 after a trip to Seattle that inspired me. I moved it to Indiana and have yet to ride it since I arrived here in March.
(And yes,....that is my wife's dried Wedding Bouquet hanging from a string attached to the pedal)