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Short Handle Parker Variant - POLL

If Parker produce a short handle Variant will you buy it ?

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This is an invitation to Home • Parker Shaving - https://www.parkershaving.com/ to produce a short handle version of Parker Variant.

At last I owned a Variant Rose Gold. Today, I shaved for the first time. Here are my perceptions;

- Longer handle compared to short Progress is not for my. I prefer shorter handles. YMMV. But I get use to it fast. If I have the short handle Variant I will buy for sure. Before explaining the reason of this poll I'll continue to my preliminary impressions on Variant.

- The handle is not slippery and rose gold version is eye cathing. The color preference is subjectif so I respect all other color choice.

- During the first shave I try to put my fingers on the right spots to hold the handle properly. I am long time short handle progress user and I prefer the short handles. After a few try I manage to find right spots. But If I have the choice among short and long handles of Variant I will definetly pick the short one.

- The shaving feels is very close to Progress. I tried with various settings ; 1 - 1,5 - 2 - 3 - 3,5 - 4 - 5 . The settings 2,5 to 3,5 are my sweet spot. After two pass with my most familiar blade GP(1) I liked very much.

Now, my question is as follows; If Parker decide to produce a "Short Handle Variant" will you buy it ??? My answer is a YESSSSS and what is yours?


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I prefer the original length handle altho it is longer than I need for my hand size. I personally dislike shorter handles as the options to hold the razor diminishes and it can cramp up your hand. Tho I have noticed that too long of a handle and too light of a head causes an imbalance of the razor. As I recall Tho the variant head is heavy so longer suits it more unless they use a heavier shorter razor handle... also the rose gold looks awesome I had the satin finish.
Short Handle option can make, short handle enthusiast happy.
And long handle enthusiast can leave happily with long handle version Variant. I tottaly respect long handle version enthusiast.
My goal is not change all Variant handles with shorter ones. My only aim is to obtain a short handle option from Parker :biggrin1:
If they would have offered a short handle when the Variant was released I would have bought one. Like others, I bought the short handled Progress. As they say "that ship has sailed". I have since moved to a Rex Ambassador for my preferred adjustable.
I love, love, love the short handle progress.

The variant does behave similarly but not the same.

Also, the QC issues I had with 3 variants turned me off completely.

Having said that, if they release a short handle version, I'd probably buy it.

The progress/variant shave (and feel) much nicer than the pearl flexi, which is difficult to manoeuvre and the geometry isn't as good in terms of shaving or comfort.
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