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Hello everybody,

I know we have these scattered all around the forum, but I think it would be a fun idea to put our best shave videos, either real barbers or comical (even mixed!), in one location for all to see in these dreaded times of boredom that we call "between shaves".

Here's mine! (I think I might follow this Nomad guy so I may have more to come)

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Interesting. I think due to sanitary regulations in NY the barbers can't use brushes or straights. They can use shavettes.
That's a bummer for sure. Especially with companies such as New York Shaving Co. But if you have a video, either from NY S/C or even youtube, post it up!
I'm a big fan of this guy's shaving vids. The premise is supposed to be minimal, if any, talking while just listening to the sounds of the shaving process. Most of the barbers he goes to are old school Italian barbers that really do a nice job. Better than my two experiences with barber shaves that I've gotten here in Chicago, unfortunately. Enjoy!
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