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shaving shop vs mr taylors scents......

what do each of them smell like? do either of them smell like pleasures for men? like a fresh, oceanic type scent? i am trying to decide which one to get.....
Neither of them are "oceanic", though if that is your style, the Mr. Taylor's might be a closer match. It is very crisp and clean with some herbaceousness. You might throw your hat in for the fragrance train - there are some Taylor's scents in there along with many, many others.

Mr. Taylor's is a very complex fragrance, but it's a very crisp clean fragrance. I personally think it's probably the best of the Taylor's line, maybe tied with Rose. Shaving Shop is less complex, a little more subtle and to me it has a citrus aroma to it, like lemon/grapefruit. It all depends on what you like. I would say this, that if you bought Mr. Taylor & didn't like it, I'm sure there are quite a few gents on here who would take it off your hands.
Because of this thread I came home tonight and had a second shave. This morning with Arko shaving stick, tonight with Shaving Shop. The cedar is intoxicating!

Hmmm. Just finished my SOTD with Mr Taylor... Nice... Had my Shaving Shop the other day.. Nice(r). That's what makes horse racing the popular sport that it is and, of course, just think if we did not have such choices, so much for SCAD, et al.
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