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Shaving as an incentive

Today I made a decision. I will not be allowed to shave until I have finished my responsibilities for the day. Obviously if I am shaving in the morning I will have to alter my policy for the day before, but I usually shave at night anyway.

See, I fell a little (a lot ) behind in my school work last week. I also had two gillettes coming the the mail (40s SS is here, Old Type still in transit) that I was really excited to shave with. I must prioritize. I need help. It's a win-win situation, I get my work done, I get a clean face.

Wish me luck!:w00t:
Good luck.
Shaving over chores anytime. I shave 'cause it makes me feel good.
But it's a good idea if it can bring you to do the stuff you dislike.
Great idea you have. I hope you will stick to it! This is a successful strategy in general, and will help you accomplish your goals. Just remain committed to it and you will be happier afterward.
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