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Shaving Across The Grain (XTG) ???

So, I know shaving against the grain is usually considered to be bad for sensitive skin, but what about across the grain? does it actually result in a closer shave. As sensitive skin as mine Im very hesitant about trying it.

Any suggestions? or Feedback on the matter?
I normally do 2 passes. One with the grain and one across it. And once in a while I'll go against the grain for a closer shave. But my skin isn't sensitive so i never have any problem.

I think across the grain gives me a closer shave. Especially on the chin area. it probably depends on your beard and the quality of your hairs.

I'd recommend you try it and be delicate since you have sensitive skin. If it causes irritation just don't do it anymore.

Then again, If you're happy with the shaves you're getting with your current technique why rock the boat?
I have learnt that parts of my face get irritated by XTG or ATG. But only parts and only sometimes. I just leave those bits out. No need to sacrifice the entire pass for a certain sensitive patch.
ATG is not bad for sensitive skin, poor technique and insufficient prep are bad for sensitive skin. I go ATG every single day, and haven't had any problems since learning how to do it right.

You should read the stickies, there's a wealth of information on how to get ready for and perform your shave - it's not hard, but if you do it wrong you're guaranteed irritation and cuts. Also, check out mantic59's channel on youtube so you can see what the products and processes actually look like.
No question in my mind that doing an XTG pass gets me a closer, better shave. I usually get zero irritation from an XTG pass.
Like everyone else so far, I get a closer shave with a XTG pass than a WTG pass. However, I normally do a *** pass and then a ATG pass for daily shaving as I don't have sensitive skin. A XTG pass should not be irritating for your skin.


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Best typo I've read in a long time. At least, I'm assuming it's a typo.

Re: the original question. I think an XTG pass toward your chin would give you a closer shave. I can do this pass but cannot do an ATG pass without irritation.
As with anything in shaving, you'll just have to try it and see how it works for you. If its not for you your face will let you know. A little irritation at first is to be expected, just go slow and very light. Use the weight of the razor as your only pressure for that XTG. :w00t: :001_rolle
I find xtg gives a closer shave but done adter wtg, as far as atg i can understand how that might be tricky for sensative skin and very rarely do it myself.