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Shavex Alum Blocks


I'm about to put in a big order of soaps and colognes, and if you had the alum blocks and dovo earwax thingies I'd skip classicshaving altogether.
Gaurav has suggested that I clarify that it is a 120g alum block in plastic case. The plastic case seems to be a real nice thing to have!!
Silly as it might sound, I hate placing orders (giving out credit card information, paying shipping, etc.) with e-merchants that can only give me one product (however good), I've been holding off on orders both from Mama Bear and Shavex - both at one place and I'd put in an order within the day.

Mama Bear said:
Gaurav has suggested that I clarify that it is a 120g alum block in plastic case. The plastic case seems to be a real nice thing to have!!

I love the plastic case!
The order has been placed with Gaurav and production on my order has started. These will be in stock in 8-10 days and I am selling them for $9.99 and they can be found on my shaving soap page down at the bottom. http://www.bear-haven.com/Page3.html

This is what Gaurav says about these blocks...

Shavex 120g Alum block with cellophane seal and plastic storage container

Shavex Alum Blocks are one of the best available Alum Blocks in the world. The alum blocks do not leave 'Powdery' substance on the skin when applied, last very long and have non-cracking tendancy. They can be freely used as:

1) Pre-shave: Lifts facial hair and prepares the skin for a close shave.

2) Post-shave: Heals razor burns, kills inflammation and closes open pores

3) Antiseptic Lotion: Soothes minor cuts and abrasions and aids in quick healing.

4) Deodorant: Moistened Shavex Alum Block works very well as an ‘Odor-free Deodorant’.

5) Skin Toner: When dipped in cold water and applied on the face and neck, Shavex Alum Block conditions the skin leaving it clean and smooth.

I have been looking for a natural deodorant for a long while and am going to give these a shot myself!


Sue (Mama Bear)
Tinzien said:
??? Do explain what this is or link please! :)

From the Grooming Needs section of ClassicShaving.com, the DOVO Ear Wax Extractor:


BTW, the alum blocks sound like a great addition to your product line, MB. I have a couple of Guarev's alum blocks myself, and while I was somewhat disappointed with their size, they do get the job done.
Al, the blocks you had ordered were 55 grams.. The ones that I am selling are over 120 grams! :smile:


Sue (Mama Bear)
Sue, I have never used an alum block. I may have to order one in my next order to give it shot. I like the idea of a toner.
My dad used one instead of a styptic pencil. I have heard of people using them for deodorant, but never tried it.. I don't have any personal experience with these, but it seems to be a good product for a good price. I can't wait to try it myself tho! I kind of get the feeling that one will last a lifetime!

Gaurav told me that the other brands will leave a powdery ash. This was formulated not to. I think it will be a great item to carry with my shaving soaps!!
Well done Mama Bear! Sounds like you have found a great product to sell.

I just got one recently but I look forward to buying one from you in the future.

Now we know when people ask where can they get an alum block, we'll send them to you.

Best of luck.
I tried one for an aftershave the other day....not a very good idea when you have a sensative skin such as mine. Almost burned my face off and left red razor burn all over my throat and even on my upper lip. I haven't had razor burn since I started using a straight.
It works pretty well as a bleeding stopper though. That's what I use mine for.

Also Sue, if you'd like to try a "solid" deodorant me and my wife bought one at Lush. (www.lush.com) and I've been using that for over a year now. They work quite well and last for ages.
Have you tried the Alum block for deodorant, or is this not the same thing? I looked on that site, but couldn't find a deodorant.


Gaurav, what is it that makes the alum work as a deodorant and as a facial toner as well as a soother for razor burn??


Sue (Mama Bear)
The Shavex Alum Blocks are now in! I will be shipping on Monday or Tuesday!!

Bear Hugs,

Sue (Mama Bear)
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