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    That's awesome! 14 shaves per blade means 4 years of daily shaving from a box of 100.

    Shave #3 tonight with the Jishi blade which is settling in nicely:
    It's a challenging concept for me that this super cheap shaving system is so excellent.

    I really like the Mad Max Steampunk looks of the Strong Leopard, it's heavy head with the hollow profile and those unbelievably sharp and enduring long blades.

    This could be the shavette perfected!
  1. Unlike the majestic Strong Leopard 77-A, this Chinese Long blade shavette is cheap and nasty but it does have pretty hearts on the handle and that outstanding Jishi blade is rocking shave #4 magnificently:
  2. Well my Pat V DE razors arrived and it's like a Kamisori version of the Daune though less flimsy:
    It has a guard so strictly speaking it's not a shavette at all but it sure looks like it's going to be fun!
  3. I would like to join this brotherhood. However, is there a mild/ smoothe shavette out there? Or am I asking too much?

    I have recently purchased a Sanguine Coolcut for 20 bucks -ish (£10). And man, I know I need to develop my technique, but above the lip was very difficult. I am using Astra blades.

    Is the Feather SS much smoother or the same?

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  4. You might have luck learning with the Feather Pro Guard or Soft Guard blades.
  5. Strange the Turkish razor Sedef is not better known .Turkish barbers use them.Just used one for the first time .A bit disconcerting due to the extreme lightness.A very close shaving razor,i did not have to touch up my neck as usual.A bit more blade exposure than i prefer,but the half blade is held very firmly,i will carry on using it and see if i get to like it enough to take over my Parker srx and Universal half blade,i doubt it as i love those 2x razors.
  6. I second that ... even when you are a confirmed shaver a guarded blade can be a nice choice.

    I am partial to the soft guard as they are so smooth...

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  7. Been a while since I've stopped by. Had a great shave with my Vanta and Mirabilia this weekend, but reading this thread makes me think
    I should explore the Universal Lama Intera. I'm having trouble finding a seller that will mail to the states. Can anyone recommend a seller?

  8. I feel the same way about the Feather SoftGuard blades. I lather up with a shaving cream and the shave is extra smooth. I use the SS non folding with it on a first pass, and follow up after a complete rinse and re-lather with the Feather DX with the Feather Pro Light blade going against the grain. After the SoftGuard has pretty much gotten everything, this combo finishes up with a nice smooth fashion. Grant it, if I kept using the SoftGuard I can still go against the grain on the second pass and come out excellent for smooth shave. It is just my way of getting used to the DX which is the newest member of my shaver collection.

    The VERY nice thing about the Feather system is so many nice choices of blades and razors. With my Gillette DE adjustables I can can dial in a shave and change the setting as I wish. Not so with my straights and many of the other "shavettes" ( a term, used by DOVO for their razors), as they are a blade and a holder. With the different Feather blades you have 2 different "guard" blades regular and aggressive PRO blades and a "light" blade with different height and thicknesses, depending on the blade. Then there is the DX which actually give more blade exposure and more of a "wedge" type razor profile for shaving.

    Oh, and you can also put the non-guarded blades in the Feather blade holder and strop them on a leather strop to extend the life. I have read of users getting 40 shaves out of 1 blade doing that.
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  9. Doc226 to the rescue, one Universal Intera is coming.
  10. Congratulations! The Universal Lama Intera is a beautifully balanced shavette and a really great shaver.

    The Treet Safex from Pakistan isn't really legit here since it's actually a disposable shavette but I found it to be smooth and very very very sharp.
    I've been in Dublin for the weekend and hadn't shaved since Monday night, so I thought I'd just shave my neck today and see what a beard looked like in the mirror.
    The Treet Safex was a good choice for this and, as the packaging promises, I have remained free of hepatitis and AIDS after the shave :)
  11. Way to play it safe! You guys keep finding new razors and I'm not really able to keep up. I recently got the Dovo shavette and have started out with the Dovo long blade as one came with the pack. I like this blade but I'm wondering if the Chinese AC blades will work in the same insert and vice versa, will the Dovo blade work in the Strong Leopard?

    Again, everyone stay safex.
  12. The blades are the same size and the holes at the heel and toe are in the same position. The problem is the holes in the middle of the blade. With the Chinese long blades, the hole is centred. With the Western long blades, it's not.

    You could maybe try filing down or snipping off the middle nub in the Dovo insert. Or punch a hole in the blade. Tell us if it works!


    I haven't tried the Western long blades. Bit pricey for me.

    Both types of long blade fit in the long version of the Vanta shavette because there's no middle nub to hold the blade.
  13. CBlade.JPG

    Sorry, got called away. Here's what the Chinese blades look like.
  14. Thanks, @BoldSpice. I may try that. I also may buy another, in case it somehow affects performance. Now it's off to the interwebs to look for Chinese AC blades.
  15. Couple of cheap Chinese razors arrived from Aliexpress, but as I’m currently growing a beard I haven’t tried either of them yet. Will update here when I do!

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  16. Looks pretty sweet. Can you post some photos with a blade in there? I'm intrigued.
  17. Looking forward to that Brian!
    Like you I've been growing a beard for 8 days but I've really had enough of it now...

    For sure - lots of blade exposure and a blade gap you could drive a bus through (if your bus was less than 3mm tall)
    IMG_9112.JPG IMG_9113.JPG
  18. Focus Slim - Bic Chrome (2)
    Along with the IBC the Focus Slim is the classiest shavette I know!
  19. Well now - I tried shaving with the Pat V DE.
    It's a reasonable shave, smooth and a lot safer than it looks and it's very good in the curves of the neck and jaw, but I don't like the grip or the face feel.
    So if anybody reading this thread would like one of the razors then just PM and I'll post it to you worldwide completely free of charge.
    I've got two and will give away both if anybody's interested!

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