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    I am going to order a Shavemac brush. Both have 24mm knot, 50mm loft, Silvertip 2 band fan. Gonna use it strictly for face lathering. Which do you like?

    #1 Blue Marble

    #2 Ocean Blue
  1. Fan. Both handles are nice, but for that knot and loft, I'd go with a fan.
  2. ackvil

    ackvil Moderator

    They are both good looking. I have fans, bulbs, and hybrids. They all work the same for me but I just like the traditional look of bulbs.
  3. Ignore the bulb shape for #2. It will be a fan - so both brushes are fan type. The only difference is the brush shape and color (blue marble vs. ocean blue).
  4. Then #2
  5. I like bulbs. Easier to keep the lather in the soap container.

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  6. Tommy Tutone

    Tommy Tutone Contributor

    #1!!!!!! Handle shape is way more ergonomic in my fingers. Colors about equal for me. Knot you've decided on and I'm a big 'fan' of your choice...
  7. +1...;)
  8. I really like the Ocean Blue color of the second handle and the shape is one I prefer, but I am a bowl latherer. Are these from a ready made/ready to ship brush collection? Because I have not seen the ocean blue color in the brush customizer on the Shavemac site.
  9. I have a couple with handle #1. Excellent and comfortable grip.
  10. ajkel64

    ajkel64 Moderator

    Just get both, that is the easiest decision to make.
  11. Blue marble IMHO (if you don’t get both)!
  12. +1
  13. I prefer a larger handle to keep my knuckles out of the soap so I'd likely opt for something else that's slightly larger.
    If this doesn't bother you then, while I do like both, I prefer the look and handle shape of the blue marble one.
  14. I have the blue marble handle. It is the most comfortable shape for me. And it looks pretty darn good.
  15. thanks guys. It's looking like #1 in Ocean Mist...
  16. I facelather only and would choose #2 for shape and material, lovely colors in that handle. Recently picked up a small shavemac in an Amber 4071 handle. The shape is displayed in the Brown - Black, Brown - Beige, Blue Marble pop ups. Really, fits the hand well. Just a suggestion...

    Might think about a 48mm loft. 3 of 4 of my shavemac's run a mm or two longer than ordered with 1 right on. None of the 4 are short.

    Pics and impressions when it arrives please! Take Care.
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  17. #1 imo
  18. This is good information to know when ordering from Shavemac.
  19. I like the shape of handle #1, but the color of handle #2.

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